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Podcast Maximus Episode 43
added 24th Sep 2019
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12th January 2018 - posted by Warcry
It's been way too long, but we're starting to get caught up on our toy review backlog.

Toys: The Last Knight: Optimus Prime (Voyager), Robots in Disguise (201X): Starscream, Stormshot, Age of Extinction: Galvatron (Hasbro), Transformers: Generations: CW Liokaiser, TR Alpha Trion (w/ Sovereign), TR Astrotrain (w/ Darkmoon), TR Chromedome (w/ Stylor), TR Galvatron (w/ Nucleon), TR Ginrai [Legends], TR Highbrow (w/ Xort), TR Laserbeak, TR Mindwipe (w/ Vorath), TR Nightbird Shadow [Legends], TR Optimus Prime (Voyager Class w/ Diac), TR Powermaster Optimus Prime (w/ Apex), TR Ravage, TR Rumble, TR Sentinel Prime (w/ Infinitus), Unite Warriors Megatronia, Masterpiece: Optimus Primal.

18th February 2017 - posted by Blackjack
Movies: With The Last Knight coming in this summer, our Movie section has been slightly reorganized, with several new content such as the review, commentary and plot synopsis of Age of Extinction, as well as the plot synopsis and dialogue transcript for Dark of the Moon.
Toys: Transformers: Generations: CW Blades, TR Apeface, TR Brainstorm (w/ Teslor), TR Bumblebee, TR Overboard, TR Sawback, TR Sky Shadow (w/ Ominus), TR Skytread, TR Soundwave (w/ Soundblaster).

14th February 2017 - posted by Blackjack
Toys: Age of Extinction: Platinum Edition Dinobot 5-Pack, Transformers: Generations: CW G2 Menasor, TR Blurr (w/ Hyperfire), TR Breakaway (w/ Throttle), TR Gnaw, TR Hardhead (w/ Furos), TR Kickback, TR Rewind, TR Scourge (w/ Fracas).

18th January 2017 - posted by Blackjack
Toys: It has been a long, long while, but is a year's worth of toy reviews finally uploaded into the site. Robots in Disguise (201X): Bumblebee, Drift, Sideswipe, Steeljaw, Strongarm, Thunderhoof, Age of Extinction: Slog, Transformers: Generations: CW Battle Core Optimus Prime, CW Blackjack, CW Blast Off, CW Brawl, CW Bruticus, CW Chop Shop, CW Cyclonus, CW Ironhide, CW Megatron (Leader Class), CW Menasor, CW Motormaster, CW Onslaught, CW Prowl, CW Quickslinger, CW Rodimus (Legends Class), CW Sky Lynx, CW Smokescreen, CW Starscream (Leader Class), CW Swindle, CW Trailbreaker, CW Viper, CW Vortex, T30 Megatron & Chop Shop (Legends Class), T30 Sky-Byte, TR Skullsmasher (w/ Grax), TR Wolfwire (w/ Monxo), Dark of the Moon: Evac (Deluxe Class), Masterpiece: MP10SG Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, MP12 Lambor (Sideswipe), MP14C Clampdown, MP18 Streak, MP18B Bluestreak, MP21G Bumble G2 Ver., MP25L Loudpedal, MP26 Road Rage, MP27 Ironhide, MP28 Hot Rod, MP29 Shockwave, MP31 Delta Magnus, Generation 1: Ruckus, Other Merchandise: Fanstoys Scoria, MMC R10 Salvia Prominon, MMC R11 Seraphicus Prominion, MMC R12 Cynicus, MMC R13 Spartan, MMC R16 Anarchus.

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