Episode 1: First Encounter

The series started with a 1 hour movie that included the first three episodes.

The episode starts as a narrator giving a description of the Transformers history. It then goes tells us of the war between the warring factions, The Autobots and Decepticons and how the war changed when a new race of robots called Mini-Cons awakened. The war had created massive fatalities and both sides cam to a truce. In this truce, they had created a massive ship for the Mini-Cons to escape, never to be used in a war again, forever hurling them though space.

Then after drifting through space, the ship crashed on Earth temporarily awakening the Mini-Cons and sending them to all the ends of the Earth then shutting them down once again. After that the Earth shifted and the Mini-Cons stayed dormant.

The story jumps to the year 2005, on Earth, where we are introduced to Rad and his best friend Carlos. They are on there way to their school, Lincon Middle School, where they are currently in year 7. There, they introduce us to Alexis. She ends up being a little bit of a smart-ass. We also see Fred and Bill, who we say at this point in time the local bullies. Rad goes on to explain to the audience that they live in the high desert, and that there is a major observatory where nearly everyone's parents' work. It is called the Cosmoscope Research Centre. Rad mentions Alexis again before he continues his story. Rad and Carlos have decided that they are going to explore this cave up in the mountain. They decide to race each other up there. We then see Fred and Billy have used a tracking device to follow Rad and Carlos to the cave. Here we see what they are really like. Fred is always eating something and Billy is a tad pushy. We see Alexis walking down the stairs and she notices Billy and Fred heading out to find Carlos and Rad. We see Rad and Carlos standing in front of an entrance of a cave but also in this shot we see Rad's bike with a little black box with a flashing light. I presume it was the tracking device used by Fred and Billy.

We see Rad and Carlos going through out the cave, Rad mentions to Carlos that they can make their way out. Carlos is shown holding a piece of rope that leads to the start of the cave. Smart thinking. By now Billy and Fred have made it to the cave and enter with-out caution. We then go back to Rad and Carlos who see another turn in the cave. Carlos tells Rad that they have run out of rope and should probably make their way back. Rad comes up the idea of using stones to make their route. Within seconds of Rad and Carlos leave the end of the rope, Fred and Billy make their way to the end. Fred tells Billy that they should turn back, but Billy gets angry and tells him that he is too chicken and that he has come this way for nothing. In a rage Billy stamps the ground and disturbs the rocks marking the route of Carlos and Rad. Carlos swears he can hear voices, he continues to walk ahead with his head turned to talk to Rad and the ground beneath him and Rad collapse and they go through this underground tunnel.

The ground stops moving and Carlos thinks they have ended up in an abandoned shaft. Rad pulls out a blow torch to use as a light. Carlos sees strange in the walls. Carlos concludes that it doesn't look human. Meanwhile Fred and Billy are lost in the caves and are scared. Rad and Carlos explore the area and find metal that has been melted down, and eventually find a stair case. They decide to continue going. Rad finds a growing Green light, which is coming from a Pentagonal shape of metal. Rad reaches out to grab it and the lights emit from the walls.

A huge earthquake emits from the cave and the entire city starts to shake. Billy and Fred are still lost but now their light has been broken and they feel the earthquake. Rad and Carlos decide to high tail it out of their, and just as they do a huge white light emits from behind them. It then jumps to Billy and Fred trying to make their way out as well but a huge white light engulfs them as well. Alexis is using her computer to find out what is happening, and finds out that the mountain where Rad and Carlos are is where the epicenter of the earthquake.

We then see the mountain and research centre. Then all of a sudden three beams of light shoot out from the side of the mountain and the power within the entire town goes out. We see one of the beams hit a weird structure located on the moon. Lots of little lights start shooting out and head for earth. The other two beams intertwine and shoot across space until they finally come to a Metallic world, Cybertron, home world of the Autobots and Decepticons. We see that both sides launch recon units to find the source. We then see on one of the Video screens a green ball which turns into Earth.

Back on Earth Alexis goes out to find Rad and Carlos. The two beams that are left make their way back to Earth and the power comes back on. Rad and Carlos make they way back and eventually find the rope that leads the out of the Cave. Then a huge ball of light emits and falls to the ground. From with in the ball a huge black shape takes form. The black shape ends up being a huge gigantic robot. This one has a strange symbol located on his chest and is mainly green and purple. Alexis finds Rad and Carlos and tells them to stay put and not to panic. Rad steps back and the green pentagonal plate fall out of his hands and sinks into the ground. Rad picks it back up and the big robot starts to make his way over to the kids. The huge footsteps create huge shockwaves. It seems its footsteps awaken the plate. The big robot pays close attention to what happens. From the plate a rainbow of colors emits and a smaller robot appears. This is the first Mini-Con to be awakened. The robot looks at Alexis, then to Rad and Carlos and finally to the big robot. Then all of a sudden he looks forwards and starts to spin his head. Rad's bike starts to emit lots of colors as the robot's head spins. Then his head stops and a 3D image of the bike appear in his eye. Then we see a full body view of the robot, it has changed a bit. Then the robot turns into a push bike. He tests his new body. The Mini-Con emits weird beeps, which Rad translates. Rad says he is telling them to jump on. Rad, Carlos and Alexis decided that they should, and the Mini-Con picks them up and tries to get away from the big robot.

We see them going at a fast speed but then we see the big robot behind them. We see him smile and flick a rock at the Mini-Con. It hits with such force that the kids are sent flying and hit the ground, as the Mini-Con goes off line. For the first time the big robot speaks.
"You have something of mine", it says.
"We have what?" Alexis replies.
"Give it back to me immediately or you shall suffer the consequences" it says. It waits for a reply but says "I have given you your chance earthling".
Then from off screen we hear "Stand down, Megatron."
We then see another robot; this one is mostly red except with a different symbol located on his arm.
Megatron says "Optimus Prime!"
The kids stand their baffled and say "Optimus Who?"
The two gigantic robots then meet in a test of strength by grabbing each others hands.

The episode ends with Rad saying "I get the feeling that this is all my fault."

Summaries for parts two and three still needed!

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