Episode 4: Comrade

The episode begins as the Autobots locate a Mini-Con, with Sureshock and Alexis pinning down the exact coordinates. Red Alert provides the kids with padded armour suits, and the Autobot team sets off to recover the Mini-Con.

Using a warp gate, they teleport a hundred miles out to Big Canyon, and split up to begin their search. Carlos goes with Red Alert, Alexis goes with Hot Shot and Optimus Prime and the Mini-Cons head also head on out. Rad is left behind. Elsewhere (on the moon) Megatron discusses plans with Demolisher and Starscream.

Alexis goes back for Rad as the others continue searching, then she, Rad and Hot Shot search the canyons. Rad sends Laserbeak to spy an aerial view and eventually the team discovers a panel set into the rock.

On the moon, Demolisher and Cyclonus are dispatched to the Mini-Con site. Hot Shot fights Cyclonus, and Red Alert takes on Demolisher, whilst Prime sends the Mini-Cons to help and heads to retrieve the new Mini-Con before Megatron can snatch it first. The Mini-Cons enable the kids to escape, but things don't go so well for the other two Autobots, nor Optimus, who runs into Megatron en route.

The entire episode setup appears to be for the benefit of the next scene, in which the Street Team combine into the Perceptor gestalt, and Optimus gains the Mini-Con (Sparkplug) who conveniently is an old partner of his. The Decepticons retreat to the moon and Starscream is disciplined for earlier interposing himself between Megatron and Optimus.

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