Episode 5: Soldier

The episode begins with a scene to emphasise the disparity between Hot Shot and Red Alert and their respective experience and ranks. Shortly afterwards, a Mini-Con is discovered at the South Pole, and the race is once again on against the Decepticons.

Optimus is disabled by the extreme cold, and Red Alert stays with him whilst Hot Shot drives on to take care of things.

There's dissension in the Decepticon ranks also, as the other 'Cons belittle Starscream for not possessing a Mini-Con (perhaps a little ironic considering the "gotta catch 'em all" playground dynamic Armada seems designed to inspire in kids, but there you go.) He's about to take the new Mini-Con, when Hot Shot and Carlos show up... however, he's able to blast them and send them spiralling into a pit. Jolt ensure that no-one is hurt, but Hot Shot discovers that he's surrounded by the larger Decepticons. As the 'Cons start bickering amongst themselves again, Hot Shot is able to begin escaping, but doesn't get far. Red Alert then turns up to rescue Hot Shot, only to discover the younger Autobot in Megatron's clutches. Dramatic music time...

Hot Shots wants Red Alert to blast both him and Megatron, but Red is able to execute a trick shot. Optimus has miraculously recovered in the meantime and scares off the Decepticons. Starscream loses the Mini-Con to Red Alert.

When they get back to base, the Autobots discover the Mini-Con is Jetstorm (Air Defense Team) and Hot Shot and Red Alert are able to clear the air between them.

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