Episode 6: Jungle

The Decepticons and Autobots are having a battle in a desert. Cyclonus and Demolishor hold off the Autobots while Starscream transforms, flies behind enemy lines, and fires at Optimus. The Autobot leader shoots him down, and when he hits the ground, fires at him point blank. We see that this was just a battle simulation, and Megatron is not pleased with the performance of his subordinates. He berates Starcream, telling him he expects more out of his second-in-command. Starscream insists he will do better if Megatron lets him have the next Mini-Con. Just when Cyclonus and Demolishor start calling him a crybaby for whining so much, an alarm goes off, signifying the detection of a new Mini-Con.

Optimus and Red Alert are trying to find out why the new Mini-Con they picked up last time is stil lying dormant when the kids arrive with enough luggage to move in permanently. The Autobots hear the Mini-Con signal as well, and warp to a forest. Jolt searches for the new Mini-Con from the air, and sees the glowing panel off in the distance. The Autobots walk off towards it, leaving Prime's trailer with Sparkplug.

Hot Shot becomes frustrated with all the trees in his path and tries to cut one down with the saws in his feet, but the kids stop him. Carlos stumbles upon a path where all the trees have been cut down, so the Autobots transform and drive. On the way, the kids discuss the illegal cutting going on in the clearance, and how it affects the environment. Meanwhile, the Decepticons are following Blackout who is tracking the Mini-Con signal. When he shows them where it is, Starscream vows to make it his own, and swears that with his own Mini-Con, not even Megatron will stand in his way.

The Autobots run into the Decepticons, and the two factions start firing at each other. When a few stray shots set some trees on fire, Optimus orders the Autobots not to shoot unless they have a clear line of fire, so they don't harm the forest. However, when Starscream and Cyclonus get in each other's way in the air, a stray shot sets the forest ablaze. The kids start herding animals away from the fire, and Optimus gives up the fight, saying the safety of the wildlife in the forest takes priority over the Mini-Con. The Autobots make trenches around the flames to stop the spreading, but it doesn't work for long. The kids send Laserbeak to search for water, and he finds a lake. Red Alert says they can use Prime's trailer (called the "container") as a fire extinguisher. Optimus radios Sparkplug, telling him to bring the container. The Mini-Con powerlinks with the container, allowing him to drive it.

The Decepticons find the Mini-Con at the top of a huge tree, but Megatron says he will be claiming this one. Meanwhile, the Autobots have set up a pipe pumping water into the container, and the Mini-Cons use the cannons on board to put out the fire. With the blaze now out, the Autobots return to fighting the Decepticons, who are currently in the process of cutting down the tree. While all present are locked in bttle, Starscrea takes off and grabs the Mini-Con for himself. He activates the panel, revealing Swindle. Starscream powerlinks with Swindle, activating his null laser cannons, which he uses to create a huge crater in the forest. Realizing Starscream is completely out of control, Megatron calls for a retreat. Later, Rad is upset that the Decepticons got the Mini-Con because the Autobots had to put out the fire, but Optimus says the preservation of the forest was far more important than saving one Mini-Con.

On the moon, Megatron has put his subordinates into another battle simulation. Using his null laser cannon, Starscream wipes out the simulated Autobots in one blast. Amazed by his own power, Starscream claims to be the most powerful Decepticon in the universe. Megatron is clearly not amused.

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