Episode 7: Carnival

Carlos and Rad are trying to figure out how to activate the Mini-Con panel the Autobots found in "Soldier" when Alexis comes in and tells them to clean up; we see they've left their belongings strewn all over the floor. The Autobots are making repairs to the base, while on the moon Demolishor manages to fall through a wall of the Decepticon base while trying to fix it up.

Carlos and Rad, bored from watching the Autobots make repairs all day, leave with Highwire and Grindor, being seen only by Sparkplug. They decide to go to the carnival, but when they get there, they find Sparkplug, Jolt, and Longarm have already arrived. Highwire and Grindor transform to robot mode and join them. Fortunately, the carnival goers think they are just pre-programmed bots and not sentient beings. The kids and Mini-Cons play carnival games, buy popcorn, and watch a parade. Unfortunately, Billy and Fred are also at the carnival and decide to follow them.

Rad and Carlos decide it's time to leave and tell their Mini-Cons to transform, Billy and Fred see them. They decide the Minis must be alien robots come to destroy the planet, so they try to captre them. The Mini-Cons run away with Rad and Carlos, with Billy and Fred taking chase. They hide behind a shed and all seems well until we see that Laserbeak has been spying on them. Hot Shot arrives with Alexis, who berates them for taking the Mini-Cons out of the base.

Billy and Fred managed to corner Jolt and are about to rope him up when hey notice Hot Shot kneeling behind them. Startled, they grab onto Jolt, who transforms and flies away with them still hanging on. They let go when flying over a hot air balloon, effectively getting themselves stuck. Hot Shot uses a baseball launcher from a carnival game to fire at the balloon, and drives off a ramp just in time to catch them before they fall.

Carlos, Rad, and Alexis make Billy and Fred swear to never tell about what they saw, and Hot Shot takes the Mini-Cons home. Back at the base, Alexis makes Carlos and Rad swear to never disobey her again, and demands that they start cleaning. After she leaves, the dormant Mini-Con panel begins to glow. First they see an image of the Mini-Con inside, and then two other Minis appear. The three images become one, and a sword is seen very briefly before the lightshow ends.

Additional notes: Carlos and Rad are definitely Alexis' bitches. The scenes with her yelling at them are the only parts of this episode worth watching. =)

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