Episode 8: Palace

The race is on to find a Mini-Con whose existence is hinted at by a tribal legend (!) and the Autobots are required to draw upon the kids' experience of deserts. When they face Demolisher, the Autobots are rendered almost helpless by the lack of traction and Hot Shot is almost shot down.

Demolisher doesn't fare much better, being forced to radio his teammates as he slowly sinks into the sand. The children are also sucked in, Rad sending Laserbeak out for help, but there's no trace by the time the rest of the Autobots get to the scene.

When the kids and Mini-Cons rouse themselves, they discover they're in the underground ruins of a palatial structure, possibly a pyramid. (Top-side, Starscream and Megatron arrive to assist Cyclonus in attacking the Autobots.) The children journey through the ruins, coming across an archway into which is set the Mini-Con symbol.  (Top-side, Megatron and Prime take on each other.) However, it seems to be a trap, as the red glow of robot spider eyes stare out at the kids. They're saved, ironically enough, by the arrival of Demolisher.

Within the further recesses of the palace, the kids discover the Mini-Con panel. Carlos activates another trap and they're forced to dodge rocks. Demolisher has also caught up with them, but falls through the ancient floor. Bizarrely, the statues open fire on him. The Mini-Cons merge into Perceptor and help the kids, but Demolisher is able to grab the panel and tank-tread his way out of the pit.

Above ground, Demolisher powerlinks with Bonecrusher (the new Mini-Con, from the Land Military Team) and the Decepticons head back to base. Hot Shot eventually frees himself, bringing the children out too. At 'Con HQ, an argument breaks out between Demolisher and Megatron over stewardship of the Mini-Con.

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