Episode 10: Underground

Hot Shot and Red Alert are working on the underground base as a Mini-Con alert comes in. The Autobots head out to the city mentioned, and prepare to begin exploring the subway system. Driving in, Optimus almost hits a train head-on... perhaps this is partly the source of the character's lack of maneuverability in the PS2 game? Anyway, he manages to reverse out of the way. The Autobots, kids and Mini-Cons split up to search.

The Decepticons have also arrived, but are too large to effectively navigate the subway system. They send their Mini-Cons in instead.

Meanwhile, the kids and their Mini-Cons discover a tunnel which has been abandoned, and Perceptor is formed to reach a higher platform. The combined robot discovers the Mini-Con panel, but needs the kids to reach it. Carlos dislodges the panel to the floor, and has to be caught by Alexis as he falls off a ladder. Suddenly, the yellow stare which has been observing them from behind rubble is revealed as an orange vehicle, which attacks as they attempt to leave with the panel.

Chased down a tunnel, the Decepticon's Mini-Cons join in the pursuit, and the kids are hard-pressed to escape, eventually ending up in tunnels beneath the subway. As usual, Rad sends Laserbeak to fetch Optimus.

The Decepticons find their way down to where the kids are, and are cornered with Cyclonus about to squish them. At the last moment, the orange vehicle appear and trips up Cyclonus, transforming to a vehicle and saving the kids. However, they're then trapped by a cave in, and by the time the Autobots arrive on the scene, the Decepticons have been able to capture the new Mini-Con (Drill Bit) and disappear.

We then have it confirmed that the orange robot is an Autobot sent as a reinforcement from Cybertron, and that his name is Smokescreen. He just got a bit lost when he warped in.

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