Episode 12: Prehistory

Rad is still thinking about the undersea city which was destroyed in the previous episode. Elsewhere, Megatron tries in vain to activate part two of the Air Defense Team set.

Optimus Prime gives the kids a lesson in Cybertronian history. The Mini-Cons put in a mysterious appearance, and the Decepticons got to them first... the Autobots were forced to team up with other Mini-Cons to even up the sides. There's also a recap of how the Mini-Cons arrived on Earth for those just joining the series. Then the Mini-Con scanner announces a newly activated lil' bundle of trouble.

As per usual, the Decepticons also turn up, with the field of battle this time being an island with a volcano. The Mini-Cons use Optimus' trailer to take the fight to the 'Cons, and the kids send Laserbeak to find the Mini-Con panel. Optimus himself goes after the panel once it's been found.

The volcano starts to erupt, causing all kinds of mayhem. Optimus goes down into a crevice, Hot Shot protects the kids and Smokescreen attempts to divert the lava flow. The Mini-Con panel is being washed along in the flow, and Hot Shot goes for it but is prevented from grabbing it by the 'Con attack.

Cyclonus makes to escape with the panel, but the Street Team barrage him with weapon's fire and Red Alert is able to capture it back. It later turns out to be another member of the Air Defense team, and the Autobots explain that the Mini-Cons are believed to be the only Transformers capable of bringing peace to their race. (Possibly by rendering them all terminally non-functional? -Ed.) Elsewhere, Megatron is able to activate the Mini-Con panel he already has, and we hear of his plan to build the Star Saber sword and become a credible threat... you know the drill.

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