Episode 13: Swoop

The Mini-Con Sonar tells Megatron the approximate location of the Autobot base. Megatron sends Cyclonus to find the base. Soon Cyclonus finds the base and sends the coordinates to Decepticon HQ.
Meanwhile the kids show Billy and Fred around the Autobot base. After the Autobot alarm goes off Rad and the gang head to the command center and Billy and Fred are left to wonder off. Optimus Prime informs Rad, Carlos and Alexis that Megatron has opened a warp gate to the base.
Megatron commands Sonar to find the other Mini-Cons so he can form the Star Saber. While the Autobots activate their defense system. Carlos realizes that Billy and Fred are missing. Billy and Fred manage to get caught in between the Decepticons and the Autobot Defense system. Luckily (or not if you share my opinion) Alexis sees them and Optimus shuts down the defense system. The Autobots decide to leave the command center so that the kids won’t be in harms way.
Sonar detects their movement, but before the Decepticons can advance Hot Shot stops them. Megatron quickly defeats Hot Shot and demands the Mini-Cons in Prime’s possession. Smokescreen swiftly pulls a switch, which releases some gas to confuse the Decepticons.
While the Decepticons are distracted the Autobots set a trap. The Decepticons split up to search for the Mini-Cons. The Decepticons are taken down one by one, and it is the kids who humiliatingly defeat Cyclonus.
Megatron is still able to find the Mini-Cons and form the Star Saber, but quickly has it stolen from him by Hot Shot. Because of the kids' advice Hot Shot is able to defeat Megatron. The Decepticons are forced to retreat, losing a Mini-Con instead of gaining one.

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