Episode 14: Overmatch

We open on an attempted Mini-Con capture scene in which Starscream zooms across the top of a hill and Demolisher approaches on the ground. Hot Shot has other ideas, and uses the Star Saber to defeat Starscream whilst Smokescreen heads after the Mini-Con panel. Megatron sends Demolisher after Hot Shot and takes on Optimus himself, but the Autobots are too powerful with the Saber. The Decepticons stage a by-now customary retreat. Smokescreen announces the new Mini-Con as Liftor. (Note: in-between action, we're given glimpses of a mysterious cloaked figure.)

Elsewhere, Alexis has taken Sureshock to get groceries. She returns to base and chats with Red Alert, who didn't go on the latest trip after Mini-Con signals. Red Alert says that he's upgraded Laserbeak to have an extended range.

On the moon, Megatron plans to attach Autobot HQ again, when the cloaked figure from earlier shows up. The figure turns out to be Scavenger, a mercenary, who belittles Megatron's team and their fighting prowess. Starscream challenges him to fight, and it's agreed that after healing, there will be a reckoning.

A while later, Scavenger discovers a yellow Mini-Con. Close to the scene, Hot Shot is taking on the Decepticons all by himself, with Optimus and Smokescreen cheering him (this scene is presumably to demonstrate just how pronounced the power differential is these days.) However, Scavenger rolls onto the scene and challenges Optimus. Optimus gives us some of Scavenger's backstory... he was once Optimus' combat trainer, but now is apparently a mercenary. Hot Shot and Starscream duel, with Hot Shot coming out on top and destroying Starscream's sword, which is getting to be a theme.

Scavenger challenges Hot Shot, and outmatches him. Megatron tries to grab the Star Saber, but Optimus prevents him and the Decepticons retreat. An opportunity to capture another Mini-Con has been established by them.

Back at Decepticon HQ, Megatron and Demolisher try to unlock the Mini-Con panel, and Scavenger explains in a superior tone that the new Mini-Con it will activate is part of the shield counterpart to the Star Saber. The plot thickens, the race is on, and so on and so forth.

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