Episode 15: Gale

On a busy highway, a purple motorbike zooms out of a blast radius... it's fairly obvious that this is probably a Transformer. Elsewhere, Hot Shot is recalling his fight with Scavenger in Autobase. The boys (including Fred and Billy) watch him train, when there's another Mini-Con alert. They all set out after it.

Cyclonus, Demolisher and Blackout are monitoring a tunnel as the 'Bots arrive. Close to this, the purple bike pulls over and a black driver jumps off. Below, Scavenger is trying to dig out the Mini-Con panel and Cyclonus alerts Megatron that they don't have much time before the Autobots are upon them. Cyclonus then creates a traffic jam by disabling a vehicle. It slows down most of the Autobots, but Hot Shot flies on ahead with Jolt. Optimus then leaves Fred and Billy at a safe spot, but as he disappears off the bike we saw earlier pulls up. It offers one of the a ride. Naturally, the kids are concerned that it might be a Decepticon... so they, er, ask it. Nice one, kids! Of course if it's a Decepticon, it'll tell you...

Scavenger confronts Hot Shot. Rad uses Laserbeak to broadcast the battle to Red Alert. The purple bike suddenly appears and speeds down the mountain with Billy onboard. Scavenger tries to crush them, whilst Optimus is concerned who this unknown bike could be.

Billy is let off back with Rad and Carlos, before the bike returns to the fray and knocks Cyclonus out of the air. Alexis turns up with the Street Team, as Hot Shot is busy losing to Scavenger as in their previous battle. However, he's able to powerlink with Jolt to escape temporarily. He takes the bridge Cyclonus and Scavenger are standing on, leaving them to fall. The other Decepticons are surrounded by the other Autobots and pull their vanishing act. They recover the new Mini-Con (Oval?)

The bike introduces himself as Sideways. He's rather unusual, as his Mini-Con becomes a face mask for him in robot mode. Alexis finds that she doesn't entirely trust the newcomer.

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