Episode 16: Credulous

The episode opens with the Autobots and Decepticons fighting in a desert over a new Mini-Con... however neither faction knows where it is. Hot Shot (with the Star Saber) and Sideways advance on the Decepticons, and together manage to corner them. Sideways finds the Mini-Con but Megatron takes it from him. Claiming victory, Megatron orders his troops to return to the base, but just as he's about to warp, Sideways grabs onto him, and Hot Shot grabs onto Sideways, resulting in all three being warped to the Decepticon moon base.

Once they reach the base, Megatron realizes the Mini-Con was a fake. Hot Shot and Sideways renew their attack, forcing the Decepticons out of the base and onto the surface of the moon.
The two Autobots are following the Decepticons' footprints into a crater when Megatron calls them out, claiming to have them surrounded as a horde of shadowy figures step out. As Hot Shot charges towards one of these figures, he realizes it's Optimus Prime. This is impossible, however, as Optimus and the other Autobots are at the Autobot base. Sideways, who is fighting a Red Alert look-alike, points out that these are not the real Autobots, but holograms. Together, the two manage to take them all out.

Megatron manages to boost the morale of his troops by telling them that whoever takes the Star Saber from Hot Shot gets to keep it. Hot Shot defeats Cyclonus and Demolishor with ease, and challenges Starscream to another sword fight. Meanwhile, Sideways attacks Megatron, sending him flying. When he gets back up, he sees the true face of Sideways for a brief moment before he puts on a third head.

Starscream almost manages to defeat Hot Shot, but Hot Shot disarms him just before he was about to deliver the final blow. Just as Hot Shot is gloating over his victory, however, Megatron appears with Sideways as a hostage, demanding Hot Shot give up the Star Saber in exchange for Sideways' life. Hot Shot agrees to his terms and hands over the sword. However, just before Megatron is about to take the Star Saber, Hot Shot calls Jetstorm, Runway, and Sonar to him, and forms them into the Star Saber again. His fortuned is short lived, however, as Sideways tackles Hot Shot, causing him to drop the Star Saber. Before he can pick it up again, Sideways kicks it towards Starscream, who takes it. Sideways' head then changes to the third head shown earlier to Megatron, revealing a Decepticon symbol on his chest. Hot Shot's over-inflated ego is finally crushed when he realizes Sideways has been tricking him all this time.

Megatron tells Starscream that if he wants to keep the Star Saber he has to finish off Hot Shot, who is being stomped into the ground by Demolishor and Ironhide, now that he is without his weapon. Scavenger intervenes however, saying there is no need to finish him off.

The next day, Hot Shot returns to the Autobot base, badly beaten, and falls unconscious as he walks into the command center.

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