Episode 17: Conspiracy

Since losing the Star Saber to the Decepticons, the Autobots have lost many battles, resulting in the Decepticons acquiring several new Mini-Cons. Starscream, now equipped with the Star Saber, has been pushing around his fellow Decepticons, but when Demolishor complains to Megatron, he is told "Don't worry, the Star Saber will be in good hands soon enough."

Hot Shot is sulking over the loss of the Star Saber and the betrayal of Sideways, and the kids try to cheer him up by making funny faces. He starts feeling better just in time for Optimus to announce that a new Mini-Con has been detected. The Autobots warp to a forest filled with very thick fog which makes visibility low. They split up and start searching for the Mini-Con, unaware that the Decepticons are already there. As the Decepticons begin their search, Megatron instructs Leader-1 to "put the plan in motion." Leader-1 fires at Starscream while hidden in the foliage. Starscream, who is very paranoid of someone trying to take the Star Saber from him, goes on the offensive, almost attacking Scavenger. Megatron, pleased with the results of Leader-1's actions, orders him to begin phase 2 of the plan.

Hot Shot encounters Sideways and chases after him, but is outmaneuvered and loses sight of him. Mistaking him for Sideways, Hot Shot unknowingly attacks Scavenger. His ego being further bruised by Scavenger's words, Hot Shot tries to take him on, but fails utterly. Scavenger tells him "You must first know yourself, and only then will you have a chance of defeating your opponent" before walking away from the fight.

Meanwhile, the Autobots seem to be gaining the upper hand. Optimus dispatches Cyclonus, and Red Alert and Smokescreen manage to tie up Starscream with their cables, but Demolishor saves him before they get the Star Saber. Starscream comes under fire from Leader-1 again, this time being seen by Scavenger. Unable to see in the fog, he mistakes Demolishor for his attacker and lunges for him. Right before the blow is struck, Megatron jumps in front of Demolishor, causing his right arm to be severely damaged. Megatron says he did it to save Demolishor, but we know better. Afraid that Starscream could attack them at any time, the other Decepticons insist that Megatron take the Star Saber from him. Scavenger realizes that this was Megatron's plan from the beginning.

The kids, with the help of Laserbeak find the Mini-Con on the side of a rock face, but so does Blackout. Red Alert starts climbing for it when the Decepticons arrive. Optimus transforms to super mode to hold them off, and Hot Shot challenges Sideways again. Remembering Scavenger's advice, Hot Shot manages to defeat him this time. Red Alert gets the Mini-Con, but ends up dropping it into Scavenger's hands.

Back at the base, Megatron realizes this new acquisition is the second of the "mystery Mini-Cons". Scavenger says it is now time for him to leave. Megatron seems to want to stop him, but when Scavenger makes it clear he is aware that Megatron tricked the other Decepticons to get the Star Saber, he lets him go. Scavenger then shows up at the Autobot base, where Optimus reveals that Scavenger is really an Autobot and has been working undercover as a spy this whole time.

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