Episode 18: Trust

Hot Shot has been training with Scavenger for the past week. The kids go to watch him train, but Hot Shot explains that when he started training, Scavenger fell asleep. Carlos and Smokescreen voice their lack of trust in Scavenger, but Red Alert urges them to give Scavenger a chance.

At the Decepticon moon base, Starscream is worried that Scavenger may give info on them to the Autobots, but his comrades don't think this is very likely. When he keeps whinging, Megatron punches him in the face.

Optimus is trying to explain to the kids why Scavenger is trustworthy when the alarm sounds. Everyone but Red Alert and the kids warps to a snow-covered mountain, and as per usual, the Decepticons are already there, and surprised to see Scavenger with the Autobots. After taunting each other beforehand, Megatron pulls out the Star Saber and Optimus transforms to super-mode, beginning the battle. Scavenger quickly takes Cyclonus out of the fight, but seemingly disappears after that. Megatron keeps forcing Optimus back until he almost falls off a cliff. Hot Shot calls out for Scavenger to help, but to no avail. Finally, Alexis sees on the monitor back at the base that Scavenger is hiding behind a rock formation behind Megatron. The kids think he plans to attack Optimus, but Red Alert is unfazed.

Right as he starts falling off the cliff, Optimus transforms to his regular mode, sending the trailer crashing into Megatron. Optimus grabs Megatron's arm, pulling him down with him. Megatron realizes this was Optimus' plan from the start as Scavenger drives off the opposite cliff. Optimus lets go of Megatron and grabs onto Scavenger, and the two Autobots land safely on the cliff. The kids are surprised that Optimus put all his trust in Scavenger, but Red Alert explains that though they started off as enemies, Optimus has fought alongside Scavenger in countless battles and that the two are good friends, and that Scavenger is possibly "the trustworthiest of all the Autobots."

Meanwhile, Sideways has thrown a chain down to Megatron to pull him up, and the Decepticon leader is clearly not happy with Scavenger. Megatron lunges over the cliff, ready to bring the Star Saber down on Scavenger's head, but is stopped by Optimus. Realizing he's been heavily damaged, Megatron calls for a retreat.

Smokescreen and Hot Shot apologize to Scavenger for doubting him before they all return to the base.

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