Episode 19: Vacation

Alexis arrives at the Autobot base to find the Autobots about to warp out. They're taking a vacation, and the kids are going with them. Alexis had never heard about this, and though Rad and Carlos insist they forgot to tell her, she thinks they purposely didn't invite her, so she stays behind.

On the moon, Megatron announces it is time for Decepticon training to begin, which seemingly consists of no more tan Megatron attacking his troops with the Star Saber. Sideways tries to sit this exercise out, deeming it a waste of his time, but Megatron doesn't take this lightly and chases after him.

The kids are having a good time playing in the river with Red Alert and Smokescreen, but a huge storm soon moves in, forcing them to pack up and get ready to go. A little kid named Shawn they played with earlier starts waving to them from the other side of the river, and Carlos drives over to him through the river in Red Alert. Unfortunately, a mudslide comes over the hill and buries the three of them.

Smokescreen starts digging for them, but it's not enough. To make matters worse, a weather reporter is on the scene with a cameraman, so the Autobots are risking exposure. Optimus, Hot Shot, and Scavenger warp to the river to help the rescue operation. The kids and Shawn's dad climb inside Hot Shot to evacuate and Laserbeak takes out the reporter's camera so they can get the job done without being seen. When the flood gates of the local dam are opened, Prime tries to hold off the flow of the river with Scavenger's help. Smokescreen digs out Red Alert just in time, and they all escape the overflowing river via Red Alert's tow cable.

When they arrive back at the base, Alexis apologizes for being angry earlier, but proceeds to chase Carlos when he says something stupid.

Back on the moon, Megatron is still chasing Sideways, who hides in a crater right in front of Megatron. Amazingly, Megatron doesn't find him.

Name Mistakes: Alexis addresses Sureshock as Grindor.

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