Episode 20: Reinforcement

The Autobots are losing another battle to the Decepticons. Red Alert tries to take out Demolishor, who has found the Mini-Con, but fails. Just before Demolishor warps back to base with his comrades, the Mini-Con is shot out of his hands by a new Transformer who has arrived on the battlefield. It turns out this is the Autobot Blurr, who has been called to Earth by Scavenger.

Upon the Autobots' return to base, the kids insist on patronizing Blurr and generally being annoying. Not surprisingly, Blurr is not amused, as he walks off without saying a word to them.

Meanwhile, on the moon, Demolishor gets chewed out by Megatron, who threatens to banish him if the Mini-Con he lost was the last one he needed to form the Skyboom shield. Demolishor then proceeds to prove himself the king of all suck-ups.

The kids are still bothering Blurr, and when he tries to walk away from them, they almost get themselves killed by sneaking up on him, as he thinks the sound of them approaching is an enemy attack (Or perhaps he was simply tempted to kill the kids.). Blurr tells the kids that when in a war it is not the time to be goofing off and that they should act their age.

Somewhere in the mountains, another Mini-Con, Downshift, has awakened itself and gone to an empty race track. The Decepticons beam down and Megatron realizes it is the third part of the Skyboom shield. The Mini-Con transforms and drives away from them. As always, the Autobots roll out to the scene, yet oddly enough, Prime is surprised to see the Decepticons already there, despite the fact that they've always arrived on the scene before the Autobots. Hot Shot and Blurr catch Downshift and Swindle, who was chasing after Downshift, But the new Mini-Con gets away. The two take chase, leaving Swindle with Red Alert, but Starscream comes along to take him back.

Rivalry between Hot Shot and Blurr becomes apparent here as both are only interested in catching Downshift themselves, and they make no attempt to work together. Smokescreen takes out Starscream and Sideways, who were also chasing the Mini-Con, but gets shot by Cyclonus.

When they catch up with Downshift, Blurr fires at him to "sieze the Mini-Con", but this does not go well with Hot Shot, who says this is a rescue operation. Hot Shot risks his life to save Downshift, but Cyclonus flies by and takes him from Hot Shot, ending the battle.

Back at Autobot base, Hot Shot apologizes to Blurr for letting his pride get in the way of the mission. Blurr also apologizes for seeing the Mini-Cons as no more than tools, as he now understands that they are important allies to the Autobots.

On the moon, the Race Team assembles to form the Skyboom shield. Megatron is overjoyed as he is pretty much unstoppable now.

In the end, Hot Shot and Blurr become friends and watch the sun set with the other Autobots.

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