Episode 21: Decisive Battle

Now possessing both Star Saber and Skyboom shield, Megatron decides to challenge autobots to the final battle. Other Decepticons agree, but Sideways asks if he should first master using the Sky Boom.

At Autobot base, Hot Shot´s ego gets some bruises as Blurr and also Smokescreen do better in an exercise. After getting Megatron´s challenge, Optimus Prime has no other chance but to accept, though the Autobots realise that their chances are slim.

Surprisingly the children are left at base this time as the Autobots leave for the awaiting slaughter (a pity). Battle begins with Megatron attacking alone against the Autobots. The Autobots´ firepower proves no match for the Skyboom´s shielding energy and soon Megatron concentrates on Optimus Prime who for some reason won´t see it necessary to combine with his trailer and powerlink with Sparkplug! Prime is in serious trouble with Megatron.

As the Autobots try to help Prime, other Decepticons join the fight. Cyclonus and Starscream keep Hot Shot and Blurr busy while Demolisher, Sideways, Red Alert and Scavenger are busy doing nothing.

Finally Sideways decides to make a suicidal run against Red Alert and ends up getting blasted. After powerlinking with Liftor, Smokescreen manages to shoot Starscream down. Demolishor pushes a boulder over the Autobots, taking them out.

Surprisingly, it seems that Cyclonus is shot down by Sideways, which in turn lets Blurr and Hot Shot distract Megatron. Optimus Prime manages to grab Skyboom and it falls into a deep hole. Megatron still has upper hand and prepares to strike down Optimus when Sparkplug appears and calls for Skyboom to shield himself and Optimus from the Star Saber´s strike.

With Star Saber and Skyboom´s energies colliding, a similar beam to the one which woke the Mini-Cons and alerted the Decepticons and Autobots is seen. Megatron makes the same decision as his original cartoon counterpart and retreats, leaving the Autobots victorious with the Skyboom shield. But what will happen when the light beam reaches its destination?

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