Episode 22: Vow

In the smartest move he's made since the beginning of the series, Optimus orders the kids to stay out of the Autobots' base while they come up with a plan. On the moon, Megatron commands Bonecrusher, Knockout, Barrage, Buzzsaw, Dualor, Backtrack, and Oval to obey only him. He too is planning hs next attack, and uses all these Mini-Cons in a fight with a simulated Prime. Sideways fires on him, saying he's only reminding Megatron that there will be other Autobots around.

The Autobots are arranging a plan involving passing the Skyboom shield around. The Street Action Team try to tell them something, but Optimus, who doesn't understand their beeps, says this mission is too dangerous for them to get involved. They then leave the base and find the kids, and tell them they've received a message from the Decepticons' Mini-Cons telling them to meet them at a certain point. The kids now think the Mini-Cons on the moon are worried about the earthbound Mini-Cons, but the transmission from the Decepticon base is just part of Megatron's plan.

Carlos, Alexis, Billy, and the Street Action Team go to the meeting point while Rad and Fred go to tell Optimus about the transmission. The Decepticons' Mini-Cons warp to the meeting point, but immediately warp away. Optimus arrives and tells the kids to get out of the area, but it's too late. Megatron appears with the Star Saber. He also disappears, telling Optimus to follow. Hot Shot, Blurr, and Smokescreen arrive just in time to see Fred disappear as he walks into the spot where Megatron was just standing. Rad follows suit, disappearing. Optimus and the other Autobots go after them.

On the moon, the Decepticons have lost Megatron's signal. Demolishor demands that they hurry up and fix the equipment, but he seems to be the only one who really cares if Megatron returns or not.

Prime and the gang have been warped to a forest, where they see Megatron for a moment before he warps again. Optimus, Hot Shot, Rad, and Fred are warped away, leaving Blurr and Smokescreen behind. Hot Shot ends up stranded in the arctic wilderness, while Prime and the kids have ended up in the mountains. Optimus takes this time to explain to Rad and Fred that the Mini-Cons on the Decepticon side are not likely to want to join the Autobots because they look up to Megatron as a father figure. The three of them are then warped again to an abandoned village, where they find Megatron once again, but he and his Mini-Cons warp again to a desert. The Mini-Cons try to run from him, but he tells them to give up that idea before he slices them all in half.

Prime and the kids arrive in the desert, and Megatron orders his Mini-Cons o attack them. When they hesitate, Leader-1 fires at them, so they do as they're told. When Optimus fires back, the kids ask him to stop because they believe the Mini-Cons don't really want to fight. Optimus tells them to run away and starts walking toward the Mini-Cons without shooting back. The Mini-Cons try to stop their attack, but Megatron demands that they continue. After dealing Optimus heavy damage, they stop and ask Megatron to finish him off. Just before he strikes down Optimus, the Mini-Cons turn and fire on Megatron. The Autobots finally pinpoint Prime's location and arrive on the scene. Hot Shot drives up to Megatron and gets the Skyboom shield from Smokescreen, blocking the Star Saber. Not surprisingly, Megatron retreats.

The Autobots return to base with seven of the Decepticons' Mini-Cons. Optimus says the energy released when the Star Saber and Skyboom collapsed in the previous battle was the screams of the Mini-Cons being forced to fight in a battle they want no part in. Rad vows to dedicate himself to freeing the Mini-Cons.

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