Episode 24: Chase

The kids are alone at the base while the Autobots are on patrol. Alexis berates Carlos and Rad for wanting to slack off, saying the Decepticons could attack at anytime. Carlos says the base hasn't been attacked since Red Alert put up a protective shield, but Alexis insists that Megatron could still attack when they least expect it. While the Autobots are out battling the Decepticons, the computers back at the base crash, and the kids realize their system's been hacked. They see a virus spreading on their monitor, which eventually thakes the shape of a robot. The virus starts to materialize itself in the base, and the kids realize it's Sideways. The Street Action Team try turning off the computer, but to no avail. Rad, desperate to stop Sideways picks up a big pipe and starts bashing the computer; Carlos and Alexis soon do the same. The image of sideways begs them to stop, but they eventually break it, causing the image to break apart. The resulting light show somehow pulls the minds of the kids and the Street Action Team into the computer. Their bodies are left in the base.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Prime is staring at Laserbeak, who is falling from the sky (Megatron sucker punches him in the face for not paying attention). Hot Shot sees the little fallen Autobot and realizes something is wrong with the kids. Megatron proceeds to stomp Laserbeak.

Rad and the gang find themselves in cyberspace. Sideways drives up to let them know that he's not taking them back out and that they'll be there for an eternity. He tries to take the Mini-Cons, but the kids flee with them, and eventually lose him in a digital representation of the universe. The Mini-Cons start beeping and pointing to a planet in the distance, and the kids realize it's Cybertron they're floating towards. They end up going right through it, and run into Sideways again, who takes Sureshock. The kids realize that Sideways is just another part of the illusion of the cyberworld they're in, so he can't hurt them. Sureshock escapes, realizing there's nothing Sideways can do to stop him.

A horrible roaring sound is heard, and it's getting closer. Sideways starts babbling to the kids, apologizing and asking them not to tell his leader about his failure. Carlos assumes he's talking about Megatron, but Alexis suggests it's someone even more evil.

At the base, the Autobots have returned and are tracking the kids' location. A port opens for them to get out and they start moving toward the exit, but a ringed planet with horns starts chasing them.

The kids wake up safe and sound in the base, and they report what they saw to Optimus. The kids ask about Laserbeak, and Red Alert tells them he didn't survive. However, it seems this was just his lame attempt at humor, as the little bot is still flying around the base.

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