Episode 26: Link Up

Optimus was heavily damaged in the last battle, and is in recovery. Jetfire, the second in command, will be taking over his duties until he is at his full strength again. Scavenger and Blurr tell Hot Shot how Thrust led the Decepticons to overwhelming victory on the planets Vector, Orga, and Duke, almost eliminating the Autobots completely.

The Mini-Cons alert them to the presence of a Transformer flying around the base, which turns out to be Thrust (Jetfire admits here to not being able to understand Mini-Con speech). Jetfire immediately goes after him, alone, and tells the kids not to tell Optimus about it. Thrust leads him on a chase through the clouds, and eventually brings him into a Decepticon ambush, where the three flying Decepticons are waiting, along with six airborne Mini-Cons. Jetfire transforms and starts firing, surprising Thrust, who had counted on the Autobot not attacking with the Mini-Cons present.

However, being so vastly outnumbered proves overwhelming for Jetfire, so Blurr, Hot Shot, and Smokescreen warp to a nearby island to help. Smokescreen extends his cannon to launch the Skyboom shield to Jetfire, but the cannon is blown off by a surprise attack from Demolishor and Sideways. The kids radio Red Alert, telling him that the Autobots are losing and they need Optimus' help. Megatron arrives on the battleground with the Star Saber, and the Autobots realize they have to retreat. Jetfire tries to fly away, but is surrounded by the Air Military Team, and he refuses to fire on them.

Red Alert and Scavenger are about to go and join the fight when they realize somebody is at the warp gate. It's Optimus, who left the repair bay prematurely so he could help. He insists that they warp him to Jetfire's coordinates, and that he'll be fine. Jetfire transforms to pants mode and together with Optimus they form Jet Convoy for the first time. He shoots Starscream, sending him crashing into the ocean, then does the same with Megatron. He then comically picks up Demolishor and tosses him in as well. The Decepticons then retreat. In closing, Optimus tells Jetfire he should be more cautious from now on, though it doesn't seem he takes this advice too seriously.

Additional notes: I'm pretty sure this is the first time the name Convoy has been used in any form of US continuity. Hasbro probably just stuck with the name Jet Convoy because it was too hard to come up with another one (Jet Prime doesn't sound so impressive).

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