Episode 28: Awakening

The Autobots and Decepticons are fighting on a beach when the ground begins to shake. A huge aircraft carrier is seen in the sky, and it slowly flies over to the battle before landing on the water. Thrust announces this new arrival as the Decepticon Tidal Wave, who just came from the planet Dibula, where he led Decepticon troops to victory. Tidal Wave's immense firepower keeps the Autobots at bay while the Decepticons look for a new Mini-Con. Blurr and Hot Shot drive into the sea, planning to attack the ship from underneath. They manage to flip Tidal Wave over, causing him to sink.

At the Autobots' base, the Mini-Con detection alarm goes off. Two more Mini-Cons have been detected, and one is in the base, so the boys and the Street Action Team go looking for it. Alexis discovers that the other is on the moon, and Sideways appears on the monitor to congratulate her. when Red Alert demands to know what he wants, he says he's come to deliver an important message. He tells them that the three Mini-Cons they're after combine to form the Requiem Blaster, the most powerful weapon in the universe. He tells them that they're going to need it if they're going to save Optimus and the others, but Alexis says the Autobots are winning the battle.

The Autobots seem to have the upper hand, especially when Optimus knocks Cyclonus out of the fight, but Tidal Wave transforms and comes back up to the surface. Megatron and the Autobots seem genuinely surprised to see that Tidal Wave could transform. He then begins to unload on the Autobots with every gun he has. Optimus and Jetfire form Jet Convoy to fight back.

Back at the base, Fred falls down a hole and finds the Mini-Con panel. They awaken it and try to take it back with them, but it fires on their Mini-Cons and runs away.

Jet Convoy drops his gun, and takes heavy damage from Tidal Wave when he goes after it. The other Autobots manage to draw the huge Decepticon away long enough for Jet Convoy to get away, but they take damage as well.

The episode ends with Tidal Wave ready to kill the Autobots, and the kids chasing the new Mini-Con.

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