Episode 29: Desperate

The kids have chased the Mini-Con into a dead end, so it panics and shoots at them. The Street Action Team forms Perceptor to protect the kids, but the Mini-Con hides behind Rad.

The other Autobots lure Tidal Wave away from Jet Convoy, but he proves too much for them to handle. Hot Shot tries to hold him off with the Skyboom shield, but he can't take the pressure for long. Luckily for him, Jet Convoy flies onto the scene and kicks Tidal Wave in the face, knocking him over. Megatron sends his other Decepticons after the Autobots, and Jet Convoy takes to the air again, only to find Thrust leading a horde of airborne Mini-Cons.

Back at the Autobots' base, the boys and Perceptor have gotten the Mini-Con under control and have returned to the monitor room. Red Alert says the Autobots' only chance of surviving this battle lies in the Requiem Blaster.

Tidal Wave splits into the Dark Fleet and becomes weapons and a jetpack for Megatron. Megatron flies above the clouds for a showdown with Optimus.

Red Alert has to take the new Mini-Con to the other Autobots, but it is afraid to go until Rad and Carlos agree to go with him. Thrust sees Red Alert and goes after him, but Blurr stops him. Meanwhile, Megatron has the Star Saber out and is ready to kill Optimus. Smokescreen launches the Skyboom shield to Optimus, but he is still just barely able to handle the barrage of enemy fire.

Red Alert takes heavy damage from an enemy blast, and Hot Shot saves the kids from another. Skyblast walks off and starts making calling to the other Mini-Cons by making odd beeps that sound like a song (this scene reminded me of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.) As a result, the Star Saber and the Skyboom shield are drawn towards each other, pulling Optimus and Megatron with them. When they collide, a green beam of light goes off in two directions: one end causing an explosion on the beach, and the other heading for the moon.

When the light disappears, Megatron knocks the Skyboom from Optimus' hands, leaving him defenseless. Just then, a geyser shoots up where the light caused an explosion, with a new Mini-Con floating on it. Still in the air, Megatron slices Jet Convoy in two, splitting the Autobots apart. Optimus plummets towards the beach while Jetfire is pummeled by a barrage of missile fire from Megatron. On the moon, we see the green light activated the third Mini-Con, and brought it to Earth. The three Mini-Cons form the Requiem Blaster to save Optimus, but Thrust appears before he can grab it. The two fight over it while falling, and Prime eventually grabs it from him. At the last moment before impact, Optimus fires the Blaster into the ocean, cushioning his fall. In the end we see Optimus has parted the sea, and is standing on solid ground with the Blaster in hand.

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