Episode 30: Runaway

Megatron is having his Mini-Cons give him a tune-up when Thrust arrives for orders. Megatron instructs him to find a way to get the Requiem Blaster from the Autobots.

On Earth, most of the Autobots are urging Optimus to use the Requiem Blaster against the Decepticons. Unbeknownst to them, however, the kids are trying to sneak the Space Team out of the base because they believe the Mini-Cons don't want to fight. Meanwhile, Thrust is hacking a satellite to use it to search for the Space Team. Optimus tells Jetfire that before he makes a decision about the Requiem Blaster, he wants to talk to the Mini-Cons. He orders Sparkplug to bring them to him, but the Mini-Con tells him they're gone.

The kids have dressed the Mini-Cons in human clothes and taken them to a bus stop. There's a rather humorous scene here involving Fred writing a letter to his mom about her cooking. The Autobots split up and search the city for the kids, and Hot Shot finds them on a bus. He loses them, however, when he gets stopped at a railroad crossing. Optimus finds the bus and takes up the chase, but Thrust notices this via the hacked satellite.

The bus lets the kids and Mini-Cons off in front of a cornfield. They follow a path through the field to an abandoned farmhouse (whether or not this is the same farmhouse Cyclonus took the kids to when he kidnapped them in Episode 8 is unknown). They plan to let them live here, and they set up crude security measures to let the Mini-Cons know if anyone comes near the house. The peace and quiet of the farm is short-lived, however, as Thrust appears on the scene. The kids run in the house, but he just takes the roof off. They run outside and he takes chase, but they manage to trip him up with a bunch of logs and a pushcart, and run back in the house. After taking all this abuse, Thrust throws a tantrum and tears down the house. Just when he's about to kill the kids, Optimus appears, and almost runs him over. Thrust tries to take him on, but Optimus transforms to super mode, and Thrust retreats.

In the end, the kids tell Optimus they didn't mean any harm, they just didn't want the Space Team to be forced to fight. Optimus tells them that the Autobots will never make the Mini-Cons fight against their will.

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