Episode 36: Mars

Starscream is angry that he has failed to get his revenge. He has started to question his decision to join the Autobots.
On the Decepticon moon base Megatron is using the Recreium Blaster to get rid of his anger after losing the Mini-Cons. Elsewhere on the base Thrust runs into the traitorous Sideways, who appears out of nowhere. Sideways hints the 3 Mini-Con weapons can create and ultimate weapon before he vanishes.

The kids and the Autobots detect a Mini-Con on Mars. Jetfire and Starscream are the only Autobots that can fly to Mars. Jetfire quickly insists that he doesn’t need Starscream’s help, and Hoist gives Jetfire the Skyboom Shield in case he encounters Decepticons.
Billy, Carlos and Fred want to go with Jetfire, but he tells them they can’t go. Instead the kids ask if he’ll bring them back a souvenir. Despite Jetfire’s protests, Starscream goes to Mars in hopes of fighting Megatron.

While all this is going on Thrust informs Megatron about what he has learned. Megatron send Tidal Wave to intercept the Autobots and take the other two Mini-Con weapons.

When Jetfire arrives on Mars he sends his Mini-Con to find the new Mini-Con. While his Mini-Con searches, he wonders where Starscream has gone. Starscream encounters Tidal Wave, he mistaking Tidal Wave for Megatron. When Starscream realizes that it’s Tidal Wave, Tidal Wave demands the Star Saber. Starscream is injured in the fight, but manages to escape. His Mini-Cons try to comfort him with beeps, but Starscream snaps at them (can you blame him? Can anyone understand their beeps?) and the Mini-Cons run away leaving him by himself. (The Mini-Cons do get Jetfire to go get Starscream.) Starscream refuses to do anything “wants be left alone”, so Jetfire gets sick of him and places him under arrest for disobeying orders. Jetfire aborts the mission to bring Starscream back to Earth.

Well Jetfire drags Starscream back kicking and screaming (stupid coincidence) Starscream spots the Mini-Con on an asteroid. Starscream almost gets the Mini-Con, but Tidal Wave attacks the two Autobots. Starscream convinces the Mini-Con to attack Tidal Wave. Starscream manages to rescue the Mini-Con, but Megatron stops them before they can return to Autobot HQ. The three Mini-Con weapons cause a bright explosion, allowing the Autobots to escape to the base.

Both factions now know that the three powers can form an ultimate weapon. The kids ask Jetfire if he brought them back a souvenir, but he says “ all the souvenir shops on Mars were closed.” Alexis tells Starscream that she thinks that he belongs with the Autobots because he cares about the Mini-Cons, Starscream walks off saying that his only mission was to take Megatron down. As he leaves Alexis sees that he left them a Mars rock and realizes that on some level he does care...

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