Episode 46: Drift

Starscream and the three kids follow the Decepticon Thrust into an underground cavern. Thrust has stolen the Skyboom shield and Requiem Blaster, and is fleeing to carry them to Unicron.

Starscream jumps ahead and corners Thrust in front of the portal to the inside of the moon, but Thrust, being a gloating tactician, chooses to show off his new power against his old comrade. Thrust points the blaster and fires. The three kids catch up just in time to see Starscream get blasted in two.

Just at this moment of Starscream's death, a paradox is born.
The events that led up to the beginning of this story are revealed once again, and time reverses further into Cybertron's history.

Eight years ago, a child Rad awakens in the backseat of his parent's car. He asks his parents about Starscream, but they laugh, and discount it as a child's dream. In truth, because of the nature of the paradox created by the death of Starscream, Highwire has inserted the knowledge of Starscream's death into a child Rad. Rad is literally jumping into his own body through different stages in time, until he ends up in Cybertron...8 million years ago.

The three kids awaken inside the cavern that Starscream was just killed in...only it's the past. They travel further to find Hot Shot, in his pre-earth mode, damaged and going offline. He has been overtaken by some plant-like parasite, and is bound to the floor. Covering the walls of the same room are the Transformers who will become key players in the outcome of the Unicron Battles, also offline and bound by the plant-like parasites.

Hot Shot asks if they are minicons...he does not seem to recognize them, but that's because it's the past. Hot Shot explains how the Mini-cons promised power, but in the end, they were enslaved by the mini-cons...Powerlinking is a slave-tool, not a power upgrade!

As Hot Shot goes offline, the kids are pulled backwards into Cybertron's history even further...to the birthplace of the Mini-cons. The room is coated with giant eggsacks, and as the kids observ, the sacks began to break open. Dozens of mindless minicons emerge from them, bearing a somewhat organic birth, and begin to march to Cybertron, to fulfill their purpose placed by their master, Unicron. As it turns out, the minicons were born from Unicron's cells, and in most ways, they ARE Unicron.

Rad, in denial, spots a newborn Highwire, marching in the crowds and pursues him. At first, the minicon seems oblivious to the human, but bearing Unicron's traits, the minicon suddenly changes its eyes. Unicron's traits are to feed off of energy, and so his offspring carry this trait. Because his first encounter with the energy of life was from a human and the human's compassion, Highwire's mind has been triggered. As the paradox begins to fade, Rad cries out for the minicons to escape to earth and avoid Unicron.

Highwire complies and he and his race escape to earth. The paradox has been written.

In the original chain of events, Unicron sent an army of minicons to entice the Cybertron race. After doing so, the powerlinking "evolution" procedure actually did not power up the host Transformer, but instead made them food for Unicron. In the original timeline, Unicron was born from his harvested energy and plagued the universe. Because of the events of the paradox, created by Highwire, this reality has been avoided, and the events of Armada have taken place instead.

The Present:

The kids awaken to see Thrust aiming his Blaster at Starscream, but because of the knowledge of Starscream's death planted in a child Rad, it was passed on to the Highwire of this world. Highwire immediately jumps into action and combines to become Perceptor, kicking the blaster into the air, and stopping Starscream's early demise. Starscream and Thrust fight over the blaster, inadvertainly shooting out the ceiling of the cavern. Thrust escapes into the portal as the roof begins to cave.

The cavern caves in, as Lazerbeak pursues Hot Shot to help save the kids. Starscream breaks through the rubble and helps free the children. Highwire quietly speaks and reveals to Rad that he and Highwire have met in the past, and that their encounters were not coincidence, but were a piece of fate. It was an orchestration of events that would cause them to meet the humans in Cybertron's future and defeat Unicron, while avoiding Cybertron's destruction in the past. This is why Rad could operate the Cybertron computer in the first episode, and also why Rad was able to understand the minicon language by ear..he is written into their history, and the effects of the paradox have granted him a bit of "greater sight"...stronger knowledge.

Hot Shot finds the kids, and the kids reveal to the Transformers that the Minicons are born from Unicron's cells. Wheeljack denies the claims, but they have no choice, as the truth is now known.

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