Episode 51: Origin

With the threat of Unicron overwhelming the Transformers, Optimus Prime and Galvatron head into Unicron's enormous body to fight the beast from within. While they are inside, the kids also go in search. The combined forces of the Autobot army and the Decepticon empire battle to defeat Unicron for the outside, but to no avail. The Mini-Cons outside stall Unicron from destroying the Transformers' home world of Cybertron by forming an almost complete green mirror image of Unicron. Optimus and Galvatron find their way to the heart of Unicron, where they find the three Mini-Con weapons ‘lodged’ into the chamber of Unicron's heart. Sideways, the mysterious warrior, emerges and reveals that he was Unicron all along. Galvatron tries to stop Sideways/Unicron but is entrapped in the same fashion as the Mini-Con weapons. Sideways does the same to Optimus, but Optimus remains conscious, while Galvatron is ‘frozen’. The kids arrive on the scene with the Mini-Cons that form the Perceptor. Sideways entraps the kids as well and the Mini-Cons are put back under Sideways' control. While this is happening, the combined forces continue to fight Unicron, but with no success. The Mini-Cons outside forming the mirror image of Unicron burst away and move out of Unicron's path. Sideways tries to convince Prime to merge with Unicron. Prime refuses and Sideways offers a compromise: if Prime can defeat him in battle, he will set him and the kids free—but first Unicron shows Prime the true extent of his powers.

The scene jumps to a scene of Rad in his bedroom, and then to a desert where the other kids are assembled. It jumps again to a room with the Decepticon ruler Galvatron, with his warriors at his side. Alexis comes to the conclusion that this is a fantasy of Galvatron’s and that they can go anywhere they think. As Galvatron’s temper rises he commands his warriors to seize the intruders, referring to the kids, and again the scene jumps to a Forest, peaceful and tranquil. Rad has a vision of Highwire in the distance with blank eyes. Unicron finds them and changes the scene to one of death and decay, and Sideways talks to the kids about them being insignificant. The Mini-Con’s awaken from the grip of Unicron and appear in the minds of the children, helping to protect them. Meanwhile, the Mini-Con’s outside Unicron fly into Unicron and damage his outer body. Galvatron, the kids and the Mini-Con weapons burst out of the grip of Unicron's flesh and reform into their separate Mini-Con bodies. Sideways swears he will have revenge and emerges from Unicron's heart in bike mode, aiming to run over Highwire. Just before Sideways hits Highwire, Optimus uses the Requiem Blaster and shoots Sideways with incredible power. All that is left is the Mini-Con form of Sideways, which swears that he will have revenge. As the episode finishes, Galvatron calls out to Optimus: “It’s time to battle”. Optimus asks if he is being serious, and Megatron replies: “I have never been more serious.”

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