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G1 Character Profiles

| Personal Profile | Cartoon Biography | Quotes |

Personal Profile: In 1985, Astrotrain and Blitzwing made up the first group of transformers that had the ability to transform into two separate vehicle modes. Astrotrain’s vehicle modes were a train and a space shuttle, and in both of these modes his size was increased dramatically. This size-increase allowed him to carry many other Decepticons within him, even though he was the size of an average Decepticon in his robot mode. Because of transportation abilities, he was a very important addition to the Decepticon ranks.

Episodes appeared in: Megatron's Master Plan part 2, God Gambit, The Gambler, Secret of Omega Supreme, Hoist Goes Hollywood, Blaster Blues, Search for Alpha Trion, Prime Target, Triple Takeover, Sea Change, Cosmic Rust, Starscream's Brigade, Transformers: The Movie, Five Faces of Darkness parts 1 and 3, Chaos, Fight or Flee, Ghost in the Machine, Big Broadcast of 2006 and Burden Hardest to Bear.

Cartoon Bio: It is not known when Astrotrain joined the Decepticon ranks on Earth. He appeared around the year 1985 with Blitzwing, Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. It is possible that he was dormant aboard the Ark or the Nemesis, but it is also possible that he could have been sent from Cybertron. His primary function was to transport Decepticons from planet to planet in his shuttle mode. Prior to his arrival, the Decepticons only means of inter-stellar transportation was the Space Bridge. The Autobots had Omega Supreme to take them to other planets, so Astrotrain was brought in to even the score, although Omega Supreme was much more effective in battle than Astrotrain was. Astrotrain was sent on many missions to other planets during his time working for Megatron on Earth. He once followed Cosmos to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons and persuaded the people of the moon that he was a god. He had them mine energy crystals, until his plans were foiled by Omega Supreme and the Autobots. Astrotrain was responsible for bringing the Cosmic Rust virus to Earth, and he was also responsible for helping the Constructicons resurrect a mythical beast from deep in the galaxy and releasing it upon San Francisco. Astrotrain was loyal to the Decepticon cause for the most part, but on one occasion, he and Blitzwing attempted to usurp power from Megatron. The two Triple-Changers tricked Starscream into leading Megatron into a trap. With the two head Decepticons out of commission, Astrotrain and Blitzwing both put plans in place to take control of the Decepticons. Astrotrain used several subway trains to create an army of train robots that were loyal to him. Unfortunately, Megatron and Starscream soon burst onto the scene and foiled Astrotrain’s attempts to take power. Megatron let the two Triple-Changers off with a warning. Astrotrain remained loyal to Megatron after that. In the year 2005, after the Great Battle at Autobot City, the Decepticons were forced to retreat within Astrotrain and go back to Cybertron. On the way back, Astrotrain declared that they had to ‘Jettison some weight or [he’ll] never make it to Cybertron’. Starscream convinced the Decepticons to dump the Decepticons that were injured in the battle, which included Megatron. It is suspected that Astrotrain only said this so that Starscream would have the chance to dump Megatron into space. Astrotrain was the one who crowned Starscream as new leader of the Decepticons. When Galvatron returned to the scene, Astrotrain was forced to swear loyalty to him. After the Unicron Battle, Astrotrain was among the Decepticons who retreated to Charr. He was so week during these times, that he couldn’t even control his transformations. He regained some of his dignity after the return of Galvatron. Working under Galvatron, he saw a lot less action. He was among the group of Decepticons that tried to destroy Cybertron from a cannon on the planet Char. At one point, his body was taken by Starscream’s Ghost. Starscream had him fly right into an Autobot-controlled Cybertron. Rodimus Prime and the Autobots released him back to the Decepticons after the Starscream situation was handled. Astrotrain’s fate is unknown. He was presumed to be among the Decepticons that were blasted into deep space by the Plasma Energy Chamber at the end of the Great War.

Image coutesy of Dan Khanna

Astrotrain; Quotes:

“In Confusion, there is opportunity.”
“These fools worship Transformers!”
“Looks like the big boy needs a little Training.”
“Blitzwing, how do you get into these messes?”
“In the days of Megatron it was not like this.”
“One more load of death crystals and we’ll be ready to turn Cybertron into metallic Swiss cheese.”
“Hey, what am I doing on Cybertron?”
“Save your voice module Autobot; you’ll need it for your screams later!”