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G1 Character Profiles

| Personal Profile | Cartoon Biography | Quotes |

Personal Profile:Fortress Maximus was, by far, the largest Transformer toy ever made. He stands over two feet tall and dwarfs all other Transformers. His strength and firepower have no equal. He is a double Headmaster, who's binary bonded to Cerebros, who is binary bonded to Spike Witwicky. As a Headmaster, he is able to combine the intelligence of himself, Cerebros and Spike to work as one cohesive unit. Cerebros does not believe in fighting and longs for peace. Spike Witwicky is an Earthling who is a close friend to the Autobots.

Episodes appeared in:Episodes Fortress Maximus Has Appeared In: Rebirth part 3.
Episodes Cerebros Has Appeared In: Rebirth parts 1-3.
Episodes Spike Has Appeared In: More Than Meets the Eye parts 1-3, Transport to Oblivion, Roll for It, Divide and Conquer, Fire in the Sky, Fire on the Mountain, SOS Dinobots, War of the Dinobots, Ultimate Doom parts 1-3, A Plague of Insecticons, Heavy Metal War, Autobot Spike, City of Steel, Attack of the Autobots, The Immobilizer, Atlantis Arise, Day of the Machines, Enter the Nightbird, Autobot Run, A Prime Problem, Dinobot Island parts 1 and 2, Insecticon Syndrome, Megatron's Master Plan parts 1 and 2, Desertion of the Dinobots parts 1 and 2, Child's Play, Quest for Survival, Hoist Goes Hollywood, Master Builders, A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court, Blaster Blues, Girl Who Loved Powerglide, Triple Takeover, Cosmic Rust, Revenge of Bruticus, Masquerade, Transformers: The Movie, Five Faces of Darkness parts 1-5, Ultimate Weapon, Ghost in the Machine, Surprise Party, Madman's Paradise, Nightmare Planet, Quintesson Journal, Dark Awakening, and Rebirth parts 1-3.

Cartoon Bio: When the Decepticons began to attack Earth's energy resources, one of the first places they attacked was an oilrig, which happened to be where Spike Witwicky and his father, Sparkplug Witwicky worked. The Autobots saved spike and his father. Sparkplug was an excellent mechanic, so he stayed with the Autobots to help repair them, Spike stayed too. Spike's mother is unknown, it is believed that she may have died before he and Sparkplug met the Autobots. Spike developed a close relationship with Bumblebee, among other Autobots. Spike's brain was temporarily in control of an experimental Autobot, called Autobot X. The experiment didn't go very well, and Spike soon went back to normal. Spike and his girlfriend at the time, Carly, were responsible for saving the Dinobots and bringing back enough Cybertronium from Cybertron to help save the Autobots. Spike eventually married Carly and later had a son that they named Daniel. Spike aided in the formation of the Earth Defence Command. He worked as an ambassador for Earth, and also managed to help the Autobots. His son, Daniel, also spent a lot of time with the Autobots. Spike and Daniel were both present when a group of Autobots, including Cerebros, were sent flying through space after getting an energy jolt from the Plasma Energy Chamber on Cybertron. The ship landed on the planet Nebulos where the Autobots were captured by a group of rebels living on Nebulos. The Decepticons attacked the Autobots after the Autobots had been freed and Spike's son Daniel was injured badly. Spike and Brainstorm came up with the idea of Headmasters, which meant that organic creatures could live as the heads of a Transformer. Daniel was bonded with Arcee so that he could be healed. The Autobots had a few more confrontations with the Decepticons, who had allied themselves with a group of Nebulons called the Hive. In between fighting, Cerebros decided that he no longer wanted to fight. He left the Autobots and went off on his own in the Nebulon wilderness. Cerebros had found a City on Nebulos, but was attacked by the Hive's machines. He managed to return to the Autobots, but was badly damaged. The Decepticons were eventually able to kidnap Arcee and Daniel and head back to Cybertron, with the help of their new Headmaster Base, Scorponok. Spike managed to convince Optimus Prime to let him and Cerebros stay on Nebulos and try to come up with a plan to save Daniel. Spike and Cerebros found the City that Cerebros had saw earlier and managed to build it into Fortress Maximus. Spike became Cerebros' Headmaster, and Cerebros became Fortress Maximus' Headmaster. They returned to Cybertron to find a large battle going on between the Autobots and Decepticons. Fortress Maximus attacked Scorponok in Battle Station Mode. Scorponok revealed a new robot mode, but Fortress Maximus matched him by revealing his new robot mode. The two Titans fought until Fortress Maximus emerged as the winner. Spike was then able to save Daniel and Arcee, as well as stop Galvatron from using the power of the Plasma Energy Camber. After the Decepticons were hurled into space by the Plasma Energy Chamber, Spike, Cerebros, Fortress Maximus and all the other Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters went back to Nebulos to destroy the machines the Hive used to enslave the people of Nebulos. When that task was finished, Cerebros was going to stay with Fortress Maximus to be the planet's guardian. Spike is believed to have given up his Headmaster capabilities and return back to Earth to be with his wife and son.

Fortress Maximus; Quotes:

"Decepticon, prepare to face Fortress Maximus."
"Whether I am a hero or a coward is not the issue! I am weary! My joints creak from the corrosion of war without end! I cannot break this ring of hate that surrounds us all. But I can remove myself from it. No matter what you decide, I am leaving."
"We are servants from a force beyond time. A force dedicated to the preservation of life, of liberty."
"We are Fortress Maximus, the last Autobot defender of Earth. And you are history."

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