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G1 Character Profiles

| Personal Profile | Cartoon Biography | Quotes |

Personal Profile: Ultra Magnus was a great military leader and strategist.  He was strong and powerful, and wasn't afraid to risk injury to himself to help his fellow Autobots.  He repeatedly put the Autobot cause in front of his own life.  He was one of the biggest Autobots excluding the gestalts and the cities (Omega Supreme, Metroplex and Fort Max).  His alt mode was a car carrier that was large and powerful like Optimus Prime's semi alt mode.  He didn't appear until 2005 where he was recognized as being one of Optimus' "old friends".

Episodes appeared in: Transformers: The Movie, Five Faces of Darkness parts 1-5, Killing Jar, Ultimate Weapon, Fight or Flee, Starscream's Ghost, Ghost in the Machine, Surprise Party, Madman's Paradise, Nightmare Planet, Webworld, Carnage in C-Minor, Quintesson Journal, Big Broadcast of 2006, Dweller in the Depths, Only Human, Grimlock's New Brain, Call of the Primitives, Face of the Nijika, Burden Hardest to Bear, Dark Awakening, Return of Optimus Prime parts 1 and 2 and Rebirth parts 1-3.

Cartoon Bio: During Cybertron's golden age, there was a robot named Dion.  Dion was friends with two other bots known as Orion Pax and Aerial.  Dion admired a new group of robots called Decepticons because they had the ability to fly.  Dion and his friends were attacked by the Decepticons, a group of bots took them to Alpha Trion, who was the leader of a group called the Autobots.  Alpha Trion rebuilt Orion into Optimus Prime and Aerial into Alita-1.  It is not known who Dion was rebuilt into, but it is speculated that it was either Ironhide or Ultra Magnus that emerged from the wreckage of Dion.  Theories have also been made about Dion being Kup, Starscream or Thundercracker. Ultra Magnus appeared in 2005 as the leader of Autobot City on Earth.  He was one of many new faces including Hot Rod, Kup, Arcee, Springer and Blurr.  He was calm under pressure and made sure that everyone was working to their potential.  When Optimus Prime died, he passed the Matrix of Leadership on to Ultra Magnus because he believed Magnus was ready to carry the burden of leadership.  Magnus was reluctant in accepting leadership, but took the Matrix anyway. Magnus led the Autobots as best he could.  He helped them escape the clutches of Galvatron and the Decepticons but they ended up getting stranded on the planet of Junk.  Galvatron had them, but Magnus got all the Autobots sealed off in a tunnel under junk to make sure that Galvatron couldn't hurt them.  He was willing to stand against the Decepticons alone to make sure the others were safe.  When Galvatron faced him, Magnus tried to use the power of the Matrix.  But Magnus wasn't the chosen one, and therefore wasn't able to open the Matrix.  Galvatron had the Sweeps destroy Ultra Magnus and took the Matrix.  Ultra Magnus was rebuilt by Wreck-Gar and the Junkions. After Hot Rod opened the Matrix and became Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, along with Kup, became Rodimus' mentor so to speak.  Magnus and Kup showed Rodimus how to lead the Autobots to the best of his abilities.  Rodimus didn't have the experience that Kup and Magnus had.  Magnus was happy to be second in command of the Autobots because he didn't really feel comfortable as leader. Magnus was "kidnapped" by the Quintessons along with Cyclonus, Wreck-Gar and Marissa Fairborne.  The Quintessons wanted to test how they react to certain situations.  The three Transformers and Marissa eventually had to work together to be freed from the Quintessons. Magnus was turned into a human along with Rodimus, Springer and Arcee.  As a human, Magnus had gray hair and looked like he could have been as old as 50.  The other three on the other hand looked to be in their 20's.  This shows that Magnus was much older and experienced than his 3 fellow Autobots.  Magnus and the others eventually got their old bodies back. When Magnus was infected by the Hate Plague, he was obsessed with infecting Rodimus.  He had never shown any evidence of resenting Rodimus for being able to open the Matrix when he wasn't able to.  When he was sane he must have kept his emotions towards Rodimus inside.  The Hate Plague, however, brought his feelings to the surface and he made it clear to Rodimus that he thought he was nothing but a "Punk kid".  Magnus cornered Rodimus, but was stopped by Wreck-Gar.  Magnus infected Wreck-Gar and Wreck-Gar then infected Rodimus.  Eventually Magnus and the others were cured when Optimus used the Matrix to stop the plague.  Magnus went back to his old self and didn't show hostility to Rodimus, who was Hot Rod again. Magnus was happy to have Optimus back.  It is not known if Hot Rod became second in commandafter Optimus' return, but Magnus retained his high standing in the Autobot army.  When Decepticons attacked Cybertron and some of the Autobots were sent to Nebulos, Optimus decided to go too, leaving Magnus in charge.  Magnus did his best to lead the Autobots against the Decepticons, but he was outnumbered and Galvatron and the Decepticons were able to gain control of Cybertron.  Galvatron wanted to use Magnus' body for fuel, but Magnus was saved when Prime and the Headmasters returned to Cybertron and stopped the Decepticons with the help of Fortress Maximus.  Magnus was last seen celebrating the return of Cybertron's golden age.

Comic Biography:Magnus didn't make any appearances in any of the US comic story.  He did, however, make an appearance in the issue that was a remake of the episode, "The Big Broadcast of 2006".  He was also featured in one of the Transformers Universe issues.  He only appeared as a regular character in the UK issues. Magnus was the leader of a group called the Wreckers on Cybertron.  He was considered to be the Autobots greatest leader, even though Optimus Prime and the Autobots on Earth had never heard of him. When Optimus Prime went missing, Magnus was sent by Emirate Xarron to Earth to find him. On Earth, Magnus was met by the Autobots at the Ark.  He found out that Galvatron and his minions had attacked.  But Magnus' mission was to find Optimus Prime, and he didn't have time to worry about Galvatron.  Kup, Blurr and Hot Rod were sent back from the time that Galvatron came from and they told Magnus that sending Galvatron back was the only way to get Optimus back.  Magnus confronted Galvatron and the two of them had a huge battle.  Galvatron proved to be too strong for Magnus, but Magnus wouldn't give up.  Galvatron was eventually sent back to where he came from by Kup, Blurr and Hot Rod. Magnus then went back to Cybertron.  He was supposed to come back to start Operation Volcano, but he didn't get back in time.  His friend Impactor was killed because of it and he blamed himself.  Soon later, he was told that a Decepticon impersonating Optimus Prime was on Cybertron.  What he didn't know was that his information was given to him by a Decepticon and that Optimus Prime was really on Cybertron.  Magnus and the Wreckers confronted Prime and were going to execute him, but Optimus was saved by Outback.  Magnus finally realized what was going on and helped Prime.  He was then taken to Earth by the space bridge. On Earth, Magnus met a woman and her friends on the highway and befriended her.  She was attacked by Galvatron and Magnus realized he had to stop Galvatron once again.  Magnus risked his life to save his human friends, but was decimated at the hands of Galvatron.  Galvatron set up a base for himself within a volcano.  Death's Head, a bounty hunter from Galvatron's time, came back to destroy Galvatron.  Rodimus and Wreck-Gar also came back, along with the help of Goldbug, joined Magnus to fight Galvatron.  The Autobots were victorious, but Magnus was thrown into the volcano along with Galvatron. Magnus was eventually rescued from the lava by the Sparkbots.  Together the four of them went back to Cybertron to find that it was infested with strange zombies.  Magnus and the Sparkbots formed an alliance with Flywheels and Trypticon and found out that Flame was the one behind all the madness.  Magnus' group met up with the Wreckers, and they were able to defeat Flame. Magnus and the Sparkbots were then sent to a strange planet.  They found a coliseum that resembled ancient Roman coliseums.  They found out that there were games held there that featured Hooligan an alien of that world against Autobots.  Magnus found out that the Firecons had been supplying the Autobots.  Magnus and the Sparkbots were eventually captured and Magnus was forced to fight Hooligan.  Magnus was victorious and returned to Cybertron. There also was an Ultra Magnus in the future that Galvatron came from.  This future was a different dimension that was similar to that of the cartoon.  Magnus was with a group of Autobots that went back in time to stop Galvatron before time was destroyed.  When they got to the comic universe, they were met by Fortress Maximus and a group of Autobots.  The two factions of Autobots started fighting until Magnus found Goldbug who knew that the Autobots weren't impostors.  Magnus and Goldbug convinced Fort Max to listen to Rodimus Prime, and the two Autobot factions formed a truce.  The Autobots then had to form an alliance with the Decepticons to stop Galvatron and send him back to his own time.  During the fight, Scorponok and Galvatron were fighting hand to hand.  Magnus fired at Galvatron, but Galvatron pushed Scorponok in the way and Scorponok was hit.  The Decepticons then thought Magnus was a traitor and attacked him.

Ultra Magnus; Quotes:

"But Prime, I'm just a soldier.  I'm not worthy."
"You'll die trying, just like Megatron."
"I can't deal with that now!"
"Make a break for cover, I'll try to unleash the power of the Matrix."
"Open, damn it open!"
"Rodimus is missing a few chips."
"This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen.  All right, give me the bomb."
"Where's that punk Rodimus Prime?  I want him!"
"There you are, you puny wimp!"
"It's over kid, I've won!"

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