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G1 Character Profiles

| Personal Profile | Cartoon Biography | Quotes |

Personal Profile: Autobot City was created for the Autobots to have a place on Earth to set up defence against the Decepticons, as well as a place to gather energy. It was a target that the Decepticons would love to destroy, so it needed to have a strong guardian. That guardian turned out to be Metroplex. Metroplex was a part of the city, and could transform into a robot that made other Transformers, including gestalts, look like bugs. He had an amazing amount of firepower and wasn't afraid of anything. His only challenge came from his Decepticon equivalent Trypticon.

Episodes appeared in: Five Faces of Darkness part 5, Thief in the Night, Ghost in the Machine, Carnage in C-Minor, Ultimate Weapon and The Return of Optimus Prime part 1.

Cartoon Bio: Autobot City was built sometime between 1986 and 2004. The Decepticons attacked and a great battle was fought at the city. Metroplex was given life sometime after the great battle. But in the battle, his transforming cog had been destroyed. A new cog was made on Cybertron and was given to Blurr and Wheelie to take to Earth. But before Metroplex received his transforming cog, the Decepticon City-Transformer, Trypticon, attacked him. Metroplex held his ground against the Decepticon giant in his city and battle station modes, but without his transforming cog, he was unable to transform into his robot mode and fight Trypticon in his most deadly form. Blurr and Wheelie along with Skylynx and Marissa Fairborne showed up right before Trypticon was going to finish Metroplex off. Metroplex was able to transform to robot mode with his cog, and defeated Trypticon. Metroplex remained as Autobot City's Guardian after that incident. Trypticon resurfaced later on, under the guidance of Octane, but Metroplex was able to defeat him again, and restored the damage that he had done. At one point, Starscream and Scourge managed to steal his eyes, but Rodimus Prime had new eyes built for him. His transforming cog was stolen again, this time by the Combaticon, Swindle. Spike and Daniel Witwicky were able to steal Trypticon's transformation cog and gave it to Metroplex. Metroplex and Trypticon fought but Metroplex's transforming cog wasn't properly installed before the fight, and it caused him to lose control of his transformations. The Protectobot, Firstaid, manage to properly install the cog in the middle of the fight, and once again, Metroplex was able to defeat Trypticon. When the Madness Plague was spreading through the Transformer and Human Population, Rodimus Prime was worried about what kind of damage Metroplex would have done, had he been infected, so Rodimus Prime had Metroplex shut down. It is uncertain whether he was shut down permanently of if it was just temporary. Metroplex was never seen in the Transformers cartoon again.

Comic Biography: Metroplex made no appearances in the US Comics. He made one appearance in the UK Comics as the Guardian of Autobot City. He transformed during the middle of a Quintesson attack and was able to help fight off the Quintessons. He made no appearances after that incident.

Metroplex; Quotes:

"This planet isn't big enough for the both of us."
"Trypticon you've had your last warning from me."
"Decepticon intruder, in my brain."
"Where are my eyes?"
"Hey, keep it down, this is a residential area."
"I understand, Rodimus."

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