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G1 Character Profiles

| Personal Profile | Cartoon Biography | Quotes |

Personal Profile: When people think of a hero they look for certain qualities. Bravery, Strength, Wisdom, Compassion, Determination and many other things. They look for someone willing to risk his/her life. Someone who'll stop at nothing to make sure that good triumphs over evil. Optimus Prime is all these things and more. He is the ideal leader. All who look at Optimus Prime look at him with the greatest respect. Even his greatest enemy, Megatron, would admit that Prime is a great leader and fighter. Of all characters in the Transformer Mythos, Prime is the most loved and most popular. He is also the most recognized transformer in the world. When people hear the word "Transformers", they immediately think of Optimus Prime. He is a great role model, he puts the well being of others before his own every time. He knows no fear and would die for his beliefs in peace and freedom throughout the universe.

Cartoon Bio: Optimus Prime started his life out as a robot named Orion Pax. Before the war he was a soft hearted robot who worked in a warehouse and had a girlfriend named Aerial. He also had a best friend named Dion. The three young bots found out about the Decepticons and thought they were cool because they could fly. What they didn't know was that the Decepticons were starting a war. One day Orion was doing his regular duties when Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, approached him. Megatron asked Orion if he could show him the warehouse where all the energon was stored. When Orion led Megatron to the warehouse, Megatron shot him. Aerial and Dion tried to help Orion, but Megatron shot them too. Five bots that Orion didn't know took them to Alpha Trion who was the leader of a small group called the Autobots. Alpha Trion rebuilt Orion into Optimus, a much stronger robot who was capable of fighting the Decepticons. Aerial was built into Elita-1. It is uncertain if Dion was rebuilt. Some believe that he was rebuilt into either Ironhide or Ultra Magnus. Optimus and Elita led the fight against the Decepticons under the leadership of Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion soon became injured and he passed the Matrix of leadership on to Optimus who then became Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime led the Autobots in an all out war against the Decepticons for many years. Over time Cybertron became a desolate waste land. Optimus decided to take the Autobots to Earth in search of energon, leaving Elita and a group of fembots behind. The Decepticons attacked and Optimus was knocked off line with the other Autobots and Decepticons when the Ark crashed on Earth. Optimus was the first Autobot to be revived. He then awakened all the other Autobots. They then began their war against the Decepticons once again. Optimus had to convince many of his warriors to keep fighting. Many Autobots were pacifists and didn't want to fight. The only thing that kept them going was Prime's encouragement. On Earth Prime ordered the construction of the Dinobots who brought a lot of strength and firepower to the Autobots. The Dinobots were a problem at first, but when Prime saved Grimlock's life, the Dinobots agreed to help the Autobots. Prime also managed to convince Skyfire to leave the Decepticons and join the Autobots. When the Decepticons attacked New York and tried to turn the city into a fortress, Prime led a group of Autobots in an attack against them. Prime was captured in the fight and Megatron had him taken apart and built into an alligator. The Autobots eventually rescued Prime and rebuilt him. Optimus showed great respect for the people of Earth. When Megatron managed to convince the people that the Autobots were evil, Prime didn't fight the humans, but instead gave in to their commands. Luckily the humans finally saw the truth that the Autobots were good and the Autobots stayed on Earth. Prime didn't return to Elita until 1985. When he found out that she was still alive and was captured by the Decepticons he went to rescue her. The Decepticons ended up capturing him and Starscream tried to drop his body in a pool of acid in front of Elita. But Elita used her power to stop time, and rescued Optimus. Elita's power had caused her to go off line and she was almost at death. Prime took her to see Alpha Trion and he was able to heal her. Prime then found out that Alpha Trion was the creator of him and Elita. Prime then left to go back to Earth and Elita stayed to lead her group of fembots against the Decepticons on Cybertron. She was never heard from again. She may have been killed, or she may have gone into deep space. When Megatron created the Stunticons to have an advantage on land, Prime created the Aerialbots so that the Autobots would have an advantage in the air. At first the Aerialbots were not impressed by the Autobots ways and even considering joining the Decepticons. They were sent back in time to Cybertron's golden age and met Orion Pax. When Megatron attacked Orion, Aerial and Dion, the Aerialbots took them to Alpha Trion to be repaired. The Aerialbots were the ones that saved Optimus Prime all those years ago. Optimus led the Autobots in the war with the Decepticons for the next 20 years. Over those 20 years, the Decepticons had conquered all of Cybertron, but the Autobots had managed to keep them away from Earth. Prime was on Moon Base 1 preparing an Autobot invasion of Cybertron. He sent Ironhide, Prowl, Ratchet and Brawn to Autobots City to get energon cubes. Hours later, he received a distress signal from Blaster saying that the Decepticons had begun a raid on Autobot City and were making significant damage. Prime boarded a shuttle with the Dinobots, Hound and Sunstreaker to head for Earth. On Prime's arrival he saw the damage and declared that "Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost." He then attacked the Decepticons single handily. He ran over Thrust and Shrapnel, almost hitting Blitzwing as well. He then shot down, Ramjet, Dirge, Soundwave and Thundercracker. He was now in a position to face Megatron one on one. The two fought a fierce battle. Both suffered heavy damage. In the end, Prime had thrown Megatron across the battlefield and now was holding Megatron at gunpoint. Seconds before he pulled the trigger, a young Autobot named Hot Rod jumped on Megatron. Megatron grabbed Hot Rod and used him as a shield, Prime wasn't about to shoot one of his fellow Autobots. Megatron then grabbed a gun and fired four shots into an already open wound in Prime's stomach. Prime fell and Megatron threw Hot Rod to the side. Megatron put his gun to Prime's head, but Prime used his last ounce of strength to knock Megatron of a two story cliff to the hard ground below. Optimus was now on his death bed. After over six million years of fighting his life was finally about to come to an end. Optimus opened his chest and revealed the Matrix of Leadership. He passed it on to his old friend Ultra Magnus and declared him new Autobot leader. He then prophesied the coming about the Autobot who would use the Matrix to light their darkest hour. Those were his last words as he dropped the Matrix and passed on. Optimus' body was sent into space along with Prowl, Ratchet, Ironhide and Huffer. The Quintessons had some how managed to control his body. The Autobots led by Rodimus Prime boarded the ship and found Optimus. Rodimus gave the Matrix to Optimus. Optimus shot the Autobots that found him, then went to Cybertron and tried to lead the other Autobots into a trap. When Hot Rod and the other Autobots found out that Optimus was being controlled by the Quintessons, Hot Rod had to get the Matrix back from Optimus. Optimus finally regained some control of his mind and gave Hot Rod the Matrix back. He then told them that he was going to fly his ship into a star that was going nova. Before Optimus flew the ship into the star, he was saved by two humans. He was off line now and they took his body back to their lab. They decided to use his body as bait to lure the Autobots into a trap that would infect them with spores that caused the victim to hate everything and everyone around him. The plague could be spread through touch of hand. Optimus was found by Rodimus Prime, but several other Autobots were infected. The Autobots spread the plague to other Autobots and eventually Decepticons and humans became infected too. Rodimus brought Optimus' body back to Autobot City, but Wreck-Gar was unable to revive him. Rodimus contacted Skylynx and told him to get a Quintesson to revive Optimus, a few minutes later Rodimus himself became infected. Skylynx found a Quintesson and brought him back to Autobot City. The Quintesson was able to bring Optimus back to life. Skylynx explained the situation to Optimus. Optimus found out that Galvatron had a special alloy that would protect them someone from the plague. Optimus led a group of Autobots to Charr where Galvatron allied himself with them to get the alloy. Optimus got the alloy but Galvatron all the Autobots with him except Skylynx became infected. Skylynx took Optimus back to Earth and Optimus coated himself in the alloy. Optimus had to get the Matrix from Rodimus Prime. He confronted Rodimus and the two fought. Optimus managed to get it from Rodimus, then he traveled deep within the Matrix to find a cure from the plague. He opened the Matrix and the wisdom of the Matrix spread throughout the universe curing everyone from the hate plague. Optimus then retook his place as leader of the Autobots. The Decepticons invaded Autobot City and stole the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber on Cybertorn. Optimus Prime led the Autobots to Cybertron and battled with the Decepticons. He began receiving visions of Alpha Trion. Alpha told him that a new step in Transformer technology was going to happen and that Prime should welcome it. Prime traveled to Nebulos where he found that several Autobots and Decepticons had binary bonded with humanoids called the Nebulons. Optimus and the new Head/Targetmasters went back to Cybertron but found that it was no longer there. Optimus knew that Galvatron had taken it to Earth. When the Autobots got there they attacked the Decepticons and all hell broke loose. The Decepticons were almost at total victory, but good triumphed over evil when the Plasma Energy Chamber was opened. The Decepticons were knocked into deep space and Cybertron was restored to its golden age. Prime was one of the Heroes of Cybertron and became a legend on Earth and Cybertron from that day on.

Optimus Prime; Quotes:

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
"Autobots, transform and roll out."
"You're old Megatron, yesterday's model."
"I always worry about Decepticons."
"Laserbeak, you tinfoil turkey."
"Now, all we need is a little energon, and a lot of luck."
"Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost."
"One shall stand, one shall fall."
"Do not grieve. Soon I shall become one with the Matrix."
"One day, an Autobot shall rise from our ranks, and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour."
"Arise Rodimus Prime."
"This time, no force in the universe can stop me."
"I must protect the innocent."

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