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G1 Character Profiles

| Personal Profile | Cartoon Biography | Quotes |

Personal Profile: Prowl is one of the original Autobot cars, a Datsun 280ZX Police car to be exact. Prowl is known for being the Autobot’s top strategist. He’s a solid fighter and is close friends with the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. He’s known for thinking things through rather than jumping into the heat of battle without knowing his enemies’ capabilities. Some say that Prowl lacks charisma, but Prowl has shown that he has the ability to be an efficient field commander and a very good leader as well. Prowl’s toy is very popular. It sells for a higher price than any other season 1 Autobot other than Optimus Prime.

Episodes appeared in: More Than Meets the Eye parts 1-3, Transport to Oblivion, Roll for It, Divide and Conquer, SOS Dinobots, War of the Dinobots, Ultimate Doom parts 1-3, Countdown to Extinction, Heavy Metal War, Autobot Spike, Attack of the Autobots, Traitor, Atlantis Arise!, Day of the Machines, Enter the Nightbird, The Core, Autobot Run, A Prime Problem, Dinobot Island part 2, Megatron's Master Plan parts 1 and 2, Quest for Survival, Blaster Blues, Prime Target, Triple Takeover, Key to Vector Sigma part 1, Cosmic Rust, Starscream's Brigade, Revenge of Bruticus, Masquerade, BOT and Transformers: the Movie.

Cartoon Bio: Prowl’s origin is not known, but he was one of Optimus Prime’s main advisors. He was aboard the Ark on the fateful journey in which it was sent plummeting to Earth and lay dormant for four million years. Prowl was awoken with the rest of the Autobots in the year 1984. He partook in a lot of missions for the Autobots while he was on Earth. In one mission with Bluestreak while tracking Soundwave, Prowl was damaged, and Chip Chase had to help him by controlling his body movements. Prowl never made any major impacts on the whole in any particular battles, but he was always there alongside Optimus Prime and the other Autobots, and he was always ready for a Decepticon attack. Prowl helped the Autobots in their battle with the Decepticons by making sure they knew all the facts about the situations they were in. Prowl served the Autobot cause well in the years they fought the Decepticons on Earth. By the year 2005, Prowl had been stationed on Moon Base 1. He was sent on a routine mission to Autobot City on Earth to get energon cubes. During the mission, the Decepticons attacked his ship. The Autobots were hopelessly outnumbered, but Prowl wasn’t going to give in. He went at them with all he had, but was overwhelmed with enemy fire. No strategy would have been able to save him. It was a shot from Scavenger, the Constructicon, that finally did him in. Prowl’s body was put on the Autobot Mausoleum along with many others that had fallen in battle during the war. His body was destroyed when the Mausoleum was destroyed in a failed Quintesson plan to destroy the Autobots, but his memory will never be forgotten.

Prowl; Quotes:

"Cake is fuel?"
"I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy."
"Prime was more than just our leader, he was our friend."
"Shut up! Please."
"Grimlock, for once think with your head and not with your fists."

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