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G1 Character Profiles

| Personal Profile | Cartoon Biography | Quotes |

Personal Profile: Trypticon was the first large base-Transformer that the Decepticons had. He didn’t have a robot mode, but he had a Tyrannosaurus mode instead, along with his city and battle station modes. He was a major help for the Decepticon cause, even though he had the intelligence of a small child. One of the only ways the Autobots could stop one of Trypticon’s rampages was to have the Autobot Giant, Metroplex, attack him.

Episodes appeared in: Five Faces of Darkness parts 4 and 5, Ultimate Weapon, Thief in the Night, Ghost in the Machine and Call of the Primitives.

Cartoon Bio: When the Decepticons were without Galvatron, Cyclonus and the Sweeps after the Unicron Battle, they made an alliance with the Quintessons. The Quintessons ordered the Constructicons to build Trypticon. Trypticon was created and was immediately told to attack Autobot City, because Metroplex was without his transforming cog, and wasn’t able to defend himself. Trypticon first destroyed the Autobot base at the Ark Crash site. He then made his way to Autobot City, where he was met by a group of Minibots. He made short work of the Minibots and began his attack on Autobot City. Unfortunately for him, Skylynx arrived with Blurr, Wheelie and Marissa Fairborne and they had Metroplex’s transforming cog with them. The transforming cog was delivered and Trypticon and Metroplex faced off in a huge battle. Metroplex was able to take advantage and eventually hurled Trypticon into the Arctic Ocean. The Autobots believed that Trypticon lay dormant in the Arctic Ocean, but Galvatron had him secretly taken to Dinobot Island where he was able to practice his fighting skills. Before Galvatron could make use of him, Octane found him and used him for his own purposes. Octane cut a deal with Abdul Fakadi, the hysterical dictator of Carbobia. Fakadi would supply Octane and Trypticon with energon, and in exchange, Trypticon would steal valuable landmarks for Fakadi. Trypticon stole buildings like the Taj Mahal, the Kremlin and Fort Knox. Galvatron eventually found out about Octane’s plans and took Trypticon back after several skirmishes with the Autobots. Trypticon was used to fight on several other occasions, but he was always stopped by Metroplex. At one point, his eye was stolen by Scourge and Starscream’s Ghost, but it was replaced later on. During a fight on an unknown desolate planet, Trypticon received a calling from an unknown creature that was calling all primitive Transformers. Skylynx, the Dinobots, the Terrorcons and the Predacons were also among the primitives that were called. The Primitives were given the job of stopping an evil being known as Tornatron that had the power to suck the energy right out of Transformers and even planets. Trypticon happened to be the first primitive that was attacked by Tornatron, and his energy was sucked from him, turning him into a lifeless statue. When Grimlock and Primeacron were able to reverse Tornatron’s actions, Trypticon was given life again. Trypticon’s fate is unknown. It is unlikely that he was among the Decepticons that were inside of Scorponok when the Plasma Energy Chamber blasted them into space. If he was left behind, he probably stayed on Charr, where he would have either died from lack of energon, or would have been captured by the Autobots.

Trypticon; Quotes:

“Destroy Autobot City!”
“Crush Metroplex!”

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