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Season One, Episode 10: Gorilla Warfare
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

The plot is basically reused plot #524, namely the heroic leader goes crazy and tries to kill someone. But the main treat would be Dinobot’s character development. Through the several episodes which had transpired between ‘Beast Wars (Part One)’ and this one, Dinobot has warmed up from being a power-hungry warrior who challenges Primal’s leadership every single moment to a competent team player. In this episode there are several moments where the ex-Predacon advises the other Maximals to follow what Primal would usually do. While not submissive like, say, Cheetor, both Rattrap and Dinobot are now better soldiers and actually listen to orders. Character development – they don’t turn into this within one episode, but rather after several episodes. And even then Dinobot would still show insubordination several times as the series goes on.

Scorponok messing up the Cyberbee programming is believable and entertaining enough, and the plot keeps recalling the introduction where Primal and Dinobot sees the alien plant. Primal beating the crap out of the Predacons is badass, although what else would be expected from the Maximal leader? Megatron is a decent enough villain, with melodramatic posturing and gambling, although he does come off as bumbling during some of the early episodes. Which is part of his charm, really… The episode is unnecessarily cheesy at some moments, but overall one of the better early episodes.


This episode has the reference to a spark (as in the lifeforce/soul/central part/bright floating thingy of a transformer) in Transformer lore.

The title of the episode is a pun on the phrase 'guerilla warfare', which means sudden attacks carried out by an unofficial military group, usually a small one which intents to change the government.

This episode features some of the alien plants that are definitely not from Earth. These alien plants are most probably Vok creation, as seen by their penchant for plant-like weapons in ‘Other Visits’.

The first appearance of the Predacon-styled Cybertronix font could be seen in the computer screen in Scorponok’s lab. I can’t be bothered to translate it, though. You have to go to someone who’s interested for that.

The scene where Optimus Primal’s footsteps echo around the corridors, and afterwards his arm punches through a wall to brutally drag Waspinator is a reference to a similar sequence in RoboCop. Primal impaling Tarantulas on his own dart might be a reference to some movie too, but I can’t remember what exactly…


Although the Maximals make a huge deal out of ‘the Cyberbee’s self-destruct will destroy everything and kill Primal Oh em gee!’, Megatron and Scorponok manage to survive the explosion even though they are at ground zero. But that’s probably just Rhinox being a ham. Still, you can’t deny that the Cyberbee makes a big hole on the Predacon base.

Scorponok’s visor turns red yet again in this episode, instead of its normal yellow shade, during the scene where Primal blasts him towards a log. The timing when he fires his missiles seem a little awkward as well.

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