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Season One, Episode 3: The Web
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

Overall, there's not much in this episode which interests me. The plot jumps around on itself, while Cheetor's dream sequence is dull and banal. Basically the episode just defines that Cheetor is a brash youngster, Tarantulas is a scientist with a few bolts loose in his brain, and Rattrap is a jerk who cares for his friends. This episode also gives Scorponok's role as a loyal and dim-witted sub-commander who gets no respect from the other Predacons. This episode would be the beginning of the slew of character-centric episodes throughout the first season with generic plots. Although they're rather boring, they are a good way for the kids watching the show on Saturday mornings to identify with the characters.

Tarantulas' cannibalistic tendencies aside, the episode is rather predictable. The mega cannon which they made so much of a fuss on didn't get a disclosure. We even get a line from Dinobot saying it's essential for them to attack, but it never happens. You won't miss much if you skip this episode.


The Beast Warriors have been stranded on the planet for at least a month, as it is the time Rhinox had to make the commlink device.

Cheetor wakes up being repaired by Rhinox instead of in the CR Chamber. This doesn't go in goofs, as presumably the chambers haven't been fixed up yet.

This episode gives the first glimpse of Beast era Cybertron through Cheetor's dream. This would be the first of Cheetor's dreams throughout the series. It seemed as if he would've had some sort of precognitive powers (the dream showed Rattrap, who would later rescue him). However, this idea was never explained and would later be dropped.

Said dream also showed a close up on a Decepticon insignia on a jet's tail wing. The Decepticon jet is obviously based on G1 Starscream, albeit in CGI. Starscream's appearance here might be foreshadowing on the air commander's appearance later in the series. Either that or the animators just liked to sneak a cameo in.


The Mega-cannon, which is the plot device at the first half of the episode, gets forgotten after the Predacons capture it. It's never seen again in the series.

Tarantulas' character model has nine eyes, when spiders generally have eight eyes or less. This is a small error which happens throughout the series. He could have scanned a different species of spider, but where's the fun in that?

Scorponok's robot mode eyes change between his (correct) yellow colour and a shade of red at random intervals.

After the close up on Tarantulas' monitor showing Cheetor's vital energy levels dropping, the next shots show it back to full again.


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