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Season One, Episode 7: Fallen Comrades
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

Well, the build-up of the episode is well done. Megatron's scheming and strategies, the tension of the Maximals as they race to the pod, and it has some comical moments like Waspinator getting flattened by a rock or Scorponok finding himself face-to-face with the autoguns. However, the latter half of the episode suffers from bad scripting. How Megatron got from the Axalon to the crash site in under one minute is a niggling question, and Tigatron's 'new toy' status means he gets to beat up any Predacon in his way.

Regardless, it's a nice debut for Tigatron, although his refusal to join the Maximals and his explanation is very dodgy. Perhaps he just didn't like them? Also, I don't like the Maximals giving up one of their own to save a couple of animals. Protecting humans, a la G1, is a different thing. While it might teach kiddies to love animals, it doesn't make sense in context of the story. Surely the Maximals are made up of sterner stuff? That scene is a little emo, to be honest. But still, a decent episode.


This is the first episode centering on stasis pods. Well, a little talk on them. Some sources say that stasis pods, containing protoforms, are like eggs who contain blank slates which are the protoforms inside. The protoforms would be like a newborn transformer, with little or no memory. Most of the transformers birthed from stasis pods do act this way, as newly born (albeit powerful) transformers. However, in several cases, like Rampage, or Grimlock (in the IDW comics), it seems that a pre-existing transformer could be reduced into a protoform-like state and put into sleep in a stasis pod. Sort of. It's kinda fuzzy.

The Predacons plan to reprogram Maximal protoforms with shell programs to boost their forces.

First debut of Tigatron, obviously. Also, that other white tiger with Tigatron, Snowstalker, also makes its debut in the episode.

Tigatron's quote at the end of the episode, "Let the trails lead where they may—I will follow." would serve as his quote in both his Fun Publications bio as well as his Beast Wars Sourcebook bio.

This is also the first appearance for the Maximal Autoguns. Apparently you can avoid getting shot if you stand really, really still. Considering they used to blow a hole in the Darksyde, their power seems to be depleted, since they didn't do that much damage to Scorponok and Tarantulas other than launch them away from the Maximal base.


Waspinator gets flattened (literally) by a huge rock, complete with Looney Tunes effects. However, he doesn't spend any time in the CR Pool or being repaired, and functions normally throughout the episode. Then again, he's Waspinator...

The big one: Terrorsaur, Waspinator and the Maximal trio takes the entire episode to get to the snowly wastelands and the pod, but Megatron manages it in several shots. Optimus Primal's jets excuse him from this fact, but that doesn't change that Megatron gets from the Axalon to the crash site in the same amount of time it took for Optimus to send a signal.

After Optimus is shot down by Waspinator and Terrorsaur, his right shoulder pad is upside down.

When Scorponok shoots Dinobot off the Maximal base's roof, his scorpion legs somehow clips through his chest. This is odd considering Scorpy's scorpion legs aren't supposed to be visible in robot mode.

When Cheetor lowers his gun in surrender, it clips through his leg.

In several shots near the end of the episode, Tigatron's beast-mode legs are yellow instead of white.

Terrorsaur's map of the landmasses look absolutely nothing like Earth, prehistoric or otherwise.

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