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Season One, Episode 9: A Better Mousetrap
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

Another average episode. So far, there are no blatantly bad episodes, but there are still no particularly impressive ones. Rattrap undoubtedly steals the spotlight in this tightly-knit episode. It's a better spotlight for the rodent than 'Double Jeopardy', simply because it's more believable for the rodent to risk his life in trying to deactivate his base's haywire defences than him being a double agent sent into the Predacon base to find something that might've not existed.

While these early episodes may seem humdrum and a rehash of G1, only with a different setting and less characters, Beast Wars does manage to get a huge amount of characterisation into the works. Especially on episodes with thin plots like this. Wait, the plot sounds very similar to something but I can't place it... ah. 'The House That Wheeljack Built', from Marvel UK. That's got a very similar plot to this one. You know, maybe it's where they got the inspiration for the story.


This is the first episode not to feature Megatron in it, although he is briefly glimpsed in the Sentinel simulation.

This is the debut of Sentinel, the Maximal base's defence system. On later episodes, we would often see the forcefield activate to keep out Predacons, although the traps in the base are more seldom seen.

Sentinel sometimes speaks in bleeps and bloops, sound effects which would later be known in Armada as Mini-Con speak.

Despite his posturing on previous episodes, Rattrap is revealed to be quite a useful guy to have on your side during a fight. He's just about the most effective soldier in Primal's employ an excellent marksman, good at sneaking and fooling others, can handle himself in a fight and has a biting wit. What else do you want in a soldier?

Tigatron roams the wild, but is contacted by the Maximals with commlinks if he is needed.


Tigatron's voice actor Blu Mankuma is mis-spelled as 'Blu Mankma' in the credits.

Despite Dinobot and Rattrap making a big deal early in the episode that the defences are non-lethal, they are worried that Rattrap would die. Of course, we need our cheesy moments, don't we?

For being a non-lethal defence systems, Sentinel is pretty dangerous, what with it threatening to terminate Rattrap several times.

A carry-over goof from the previous episode despite Blackarachnia being missing at the end of 'Double Jeopardy', she's back in the Predacon fold now with no explanation.

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