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Season Two, Episode 12: The Agenda, Part 2
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

The plot thickens. While the whole Inferno scene seems to be padding, the rest of the episode is splendid. Silverbolt and Megatron steal the spotlight, with the former's blind love and the latter's smooth-talking being some of the best-scripted scenes in Transformer lore. Silverbolt actually helping out with Blackarachnia's scheme is a little unbelievable, though. However, love is blind, no? Yes, the scenes are rather cheesy, but it feels natural. The interrogation between Megatron and Ravage lends to the more 'mature' feel of Beast Wars, with plotting and back-stabbing going on. The introduction of G1 Megatron as being the one who inspired BW Megatron (and seemingly who BW Megatron named himself after) is a nice touch as well, again cementing Beast Wars as part of the original cartoon.

However, there's no mistaking that this episode is merely there to get everybody in place for the big finish, so plot-wise not really much happens. However, this leads to better character development, and a more natural feel to the progression of the plot. Inferno's batshit craziness is portrayed well, even though his scene is basically padding. There is a nice cliffhanger, excellent dialogue, plot twists and nods to G1 fans. It's not bad, but there's a lot hanging for the finale where Megatron's plans would be revealed to us. It's a nice build-up, but it can still fail with the third part.


First appearance of the original G1 Megatron in Beast Wars. The show creators intended for Frank Welker, his original voice actor, to voice Megatron. However, scheduling and payment conflicts prevented this from happening. Garry Chalk provides Megatron's voice instead.

Ravage transforms into his original Cassette alternate mode, with the transformation sound effect used in the original cartoon series. Bob Forward intended for the original cartoon theme song to play as Ravage transforms and begins his attack. However, due to copyright matters this idea was unfeasible.

Inferno was seemingly meant to be killed off this episode, considering how the show creators use the 'kill them all and sort it out later' approach with the season finales. Most noticeably, Inferno's head was shown disintegrating during the explosion. However, at the beginning of season three Inferno is fine, if a little beat-up.

Quickstrike and Rampage are apparently still out of commission after being brutalized last episode.

Optimus has a little trophy of a gorilla on his desk.

Silverbolt mimics a police siren when he asks Blackarachnia to 'pull this vehicle over'. He later breaks the fourth wall by referring to himself as a 'heroic character'.

Amusingly, a toilet is seen among Waspinator's parts as he's smashed into pieces.

Ravage uses Dr Evil's raised-pinkie gesture when preparing to execute Megatron.


Why didn't they use the stable energon in Tarantulas' lair (mentioned in 'Tangled Web') or those gathered by the Maximals to power Ravage's shuttle instead of going off to find a new stash?

Silverbolt punched his hand through the door to get at Cheetor, yet the door still opens without a problem. Having pieces of metal protruding out shouldn't let a door stay flat against the wall.

Why would the original Megatron not tell Ravage about the secret message on the Golden Disk?

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