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Season Two, Episode 3: Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

While not quite as messy as 'Aftermath', this isn't as nice as the first part. While Primal's return is handled nicely, his whole new-toy-beats-the-shit-out-of-everyone-else routine is banal. The spaghetti film homages are well-executed with the suspense being evident, but the rest of the plot falls short. Why did the Maximals run out of ammo all of a sudden? Silverbolt's defection is also little hastily handled, and unlike last episode, plain as the day. Why did Rattrap and Cheetor plonk him in a CR chamber of all places? So many hastily-done plot holes to get all the characters in place for the new status quo. Stuff like the Maximals running out of ammo are just lazy plotting.

On the other hand, the rest of the characterization are on-the-ball, with Megatron being smug and hammy as ever, while Quickstrike falls in line with Inferno as a rather dangerous guy who has a few screws loose with a cute accent. And it's hard not to feel all 'awww' for Waspy when Waspinator gives 'orders'. Silverbolt is okay as well for a character with so many ways to go wrong. Blackarachnia and Tarantulas double-crossing each other is well-scripted, and the intrigue on the mystery of the Golden Disks are delved into, so in this aspect at least this episode is better than the stand-alone slapsticks of the season one episodes. Dialogue is excellent, especially between Rhinox, Rattrap and Dinobot. There are many charming scenes like, for instance, Rattrap taking over Primal's room or Blackarachnia ransacking Megatron's stuff. In any case, it's an enjoyable episode, even if there are plot holes.


Debut of Transmetal Optimus Primal.

As of the end of this episode, it is revealed that all energon have been destroyed by the Planet Buster, leaving only stable remains, so the Maximals and Predacons don't need to spend half the episode acting stupid in their Beast Modes anymore.

When Rattrap throws a rock into the air (and its cut down by Predacons fire), the Maximals' eyeballs pop out of their heads in a slapstick cartoon manner.

Dinobot references 'the Rat Patrol', an old war TV show.

Again, the Spaghetti Western films are homaged this episode, especially Megatron keeping the time and Optimus battling with Inferno.

Also, the Inferno toy was supposed to be a reborn version of Megatron (which is obviously scrapped). However, this abandoned plot was hinted at when Megatron and Inferno fly into each other and get their heads swapped.

As Rhinox goes into the Matrix/AllSpark/wherever it is he goes into, the Matrix of Leadership is briefly glimpsed. He also describes it as 'Where all as one', quoting Optimus Prime's infamous line in TFTM.

Several Easter Eggs could be seen among Megatron's stuff when Blackarachnia ransacks his room. Among those of interest is a small model of Starscream's head, a model airplane, a model helicopter, the Holy Grail, a pocket-watch and Megs' rubber ducky.

It is hinted that both Megatron and Tarantulas suspects that Blackarachnia made away with the Golden Disk data, although for this episode they are both content to let her go her way. Her having downloaded the data would prove an important plot point in subsequent episodes.

An earlier script revision had the elevator into the Maximal base to be destroyed during the fight, giving Primal a relevant reason to blow a hole in his own base. Presumably this was cut for time constraints.


Despite having arrived at the end of last episode, Tarantulas and Waspinator are shown arriving again.

At one point, Megatron's fingers clip through his tail-cannon thing when he fires on the Maximals.

Waspinator and Silverbolt take off for the Maximal base twice, going over the Maximals' heads a second time.

When pursuing the Rattrap/Dinobot duo, Megatron's VTOL engines are inactive when he flies.

Rhinox clips through Rattrap's rear wheel around the 'Comes the dawn' line.

Why do they even plonk Silverbolt in a CR Chamber? And even if they do, why didn't they secure it so Silverbolt can't escape? Surely they can't be planning on Silverbolt helping them?

Also, despite having ammunition bandoleers slung all over him G2-style, Dinobot says that his weapon is out of ammo.

On the same vein, Dinobot still can fire said weapon after the out of ammo line.

The Predacons have been battling longer than the Maximals, who have access to their base, yet the Maxies run out of ammo before the Predacons. Rhinox, for one, should have full ammo when he arrives for battle.

How did a blank Protoform get Transmetalized? After all, the Quantum Surge is shown not to affect guys like Inferno and Tigatron who are 'born' on Earth.

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