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Season Two, Episode 5: Maximal, No More
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

Okay. Face it. Dinobot ruled the second season. From his amazing monologue in 'Coming of the Fuzors Part One', Dinobot's character builds up nicely, giving him much more character development than the rest of the cast. For the few episodes that he was spotlighted in, Dinobot never disappoints with his dry wit and honour-related monologues. Most spectacularly, this characterization ties in with the main plot of Beast Wars, especially that of Season Two, what with all the speeches about destiny and the ever-mysterious plot devices. I suppose I'd better quit before I say any spoilers. Anyway, Dinobot's betrayal back to the Predacons is a believable plot twist. After all, the whole reason why he defected to the Maximals was because Megatron led them to the wrong planet. It flows smoothly from previous episodes. While it's no big surprise when he refuses to gun down Rattrap, it's still excellently scripted.

It's not just Dinobot, though. Rattrap is well-done as well, having warily trusted Dinobot after the events of the first season, only to have himself betrayed. Megatron suffers a little, but his vaudevillian tendencies are still charming. Guys like Waspinator and Inferno get themselves some nice scenes as well. The events of this episode has an impact all through season two, though. Dinobot's defection would lead to the events of 'Code of Hero', while the jamming tower directly leads into the Vok two-parter. Hints are dropped about Megatron's master plan, seen in the season finale. Why, yes. I'm being vague. Sue me. Anyway, this is a perfect installment in the Beast Wars series. A self-centered episode following on the events of previous episodes and building up to future ones.


Lots of foreshadowing about Megatron's master scheme and the whole reason why he had traveled to the past. Without giving any spoilers, Dinobot claims that Megatron's plans will destroy Maximal and Predacon alike, and 'all who came before'.

In Dinobot's quarters, the scalp of Clone One is hung on the wall.

Dinobot observes that the Predacon installments match the locations of the Alien Disk, foreshadowing the events of the next episode.

When Rattrap does that 'computer vision' visor thing as he tracks Dinobot, there is a wedge of cheese in the bottom corner. Cute.

Starting from this episode, the other Maximals would start to doubt Dinobot's allegiance, or be wary around him at least.


At one point, Waspinator doesn't have stripes on his abdomen.

The animation of Dinobot's beast mode's skin fluctuates in quality throughout the episode. At times it's like normal, but at times it looks as if it hadn't been finalised. Well, the YouTube resolution might factor, but still...

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