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Season Two, Episode 7: Other Visits, Part 2
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

Sadly, this falls out to another Transmetal commercial, about how the Transmetals are so much better than the others. The main plan is much better though, with Megatron planning to take the plot device to Cybertron. Both Megatron and Tarantulas shine again this episode, Megatron as an actual mastermind while Tarantulas as a Vok-hating, double-crossing madman.

The fact that the Vok weapon does absolutely nothing until Megatron takes control of it is a little too convenient, but it's not very jarring. Optimus and Megatron have another well-animated face-off, with Rattrap getting several good moments inbetween. All in all, a much smoother (and darker) two-parter than the Trigger, but not as good as Other Voices.


Megatron gives the Alien Disk a kiss for luck before he places it in the control room. This episode marks the end of the Alien Disk.

This is the first time that it had been said outright that the Predacon Command on Cybertron isn't working in tandem with Megatron. Previously it had only been hinted.

Tarantulas' line that being in Beast Mode would shield them from scanners would be a very major plot point in Beast Machines. The idea of a giant floating metallic ship with a giant Megatron head would be reused in Beast Machines as the Grand Mal.


Last time in Other Voices, the Vok were prepared to exterminate the planet. However, this time they dealt with the transformers with a plant base that kidnaps two Maximals before knocking everyone silly for a while, hardly the same level of 'cleansing' that the Vok wanted in Other Voices. Did they have a change of heart in the interim?

Since Megatron really loves to attack the Maximal base, why didn't he teleport the alien base over the Maximals and blow them up first?

Megatron's hand clips through his tail gun for a split second.

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