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Season Two, Episode 8: Bad Spark
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

I like this episode. Rampage has been one of the more unique characters of Beast Wars. Heís a sadistic, unkillable, insane monster, yet is held in thrall by Megatronís torture devices. Kind of like Galvatron from G1, but Rampage looks more imposing. And I was pretty surprised when he transforms into, of all things, a crab. The action scenes are executed nicely. Blackarachnia and Silverbolt is probably the only romance that worked in transformers lore. Sure, itís cheesy, but at least they donít fall head-over-heels with each other instantly.

The whole concept of the Maximal command trying to replicate Starscreamís immortal spark is also well-developed. The episode had this horror movie feel to it, with Tarantulasí mutilation being well done. Rampage feels threatening and you could feel the suspense. Megatron is also defined nicely, with him being aware about Tarantulasí bug but not doing anything, whilst spying on his own troops. His jokes as he eavesdrops on Blackarachnia are well done. All in all, a solid episode.


The debut of Rampage, obviously. As well as Silverbolt and Blackarachnia's love-hate relationship.

Rhinox invokes Primus, the creator-God from Furmanís Marvel work. This is the first time it had been used out of Marvel continuity. According to Bob Forward, they poached it from an post without realizing its significance.

Again, Starscreamís indestructible spark is referenced, this time as background information for Protoform Xís creation. It also tells us why the records for Starscream were sealed in ĎPossessioní. Apparently they donít want someone else making another Protoform X.

Cheetorís transmetal body soaks up energon, but instead of seizing up like his non-transmetal body, he releases it in a burst of gas. This is the first time a transformer would Ďfartí.

Like Rhinox before him, Optimus Primal doubts Dinobotís loyalty after the events of ĎMaximal, No Moreí.

Blackarachnia did not use his grapple line to scale up the cliff when X shoots him down, despite using the same grapple line less than a minute later. Not an error, since she seems to want Silverbolt to catch her. Ah, women.


As Optimus departs the bridge, the panels that make up his surfing board are missing.

Waspinator disappears after the energon field blew up.

The scorch-marks on Blackarachnia and Silverbolt sometimes disappear for a scene or two.

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