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Season Three, Episode 1: Optimal Situation
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

A couple of mixed bits here, actually. There are some bad bits, like the tired-out 'new toy formula' with Optimal Optimus Primal going through his four modes upon ten minutes of reactivation. And the restoring of the status quo by the quick revival of Inferno and Silverbolt. The resolution to the time storm is also very flat after all the build-up running towards it. The romance between Silverbolt and Blackarachnia, while well-played, is a little overdone, although it's more of the fault of Silverbolt's over-dramatic character.

There are some nice moments, like the jokes in the dialogue and Silverbolt howling after Blackarachnia apparently dies. Megatron shooting Blackarachnia at point blank range for treachery is also a nice scene, as is Megatron and Optimal Optimus' initial confrontation. And besides, Primal shooting off Optimus Prime's catchphrases is simply appropriate on so many levels.


First appearance of the 'Optimal Optimus' body for Optimus Primal. He now has three alternate modes gorilla, tank and jet and is about the size of a smaller G1 Transformer. Megatron even refers to Primal as 'Optimal Optimus', the toy name, once.

The last appearance of the Axalon, although the debris will play a part in future episodes.

Blackarachnia's now officially defected to the Maximals, though she still considers herself a Predacon. It's somewhat similar to Carnivac from the Marvel comics, minus the romance bit.

The 'spark container' which holds Optimus Prime's spark is based directly on the Matrix of Leadership, leading to some confusion. According to the creators, the animators used Optimus Prime's death scene from the Movie as basis and used the Matrix without knowing its significance. 3H's Primeval Dawn comic would retcon Optimus Prime to have the real Matrix of Leadership placed under Optimus Prime's Matrix-shaped Spark container. However, Rhinox's line "his spark has the Matrix with it" might mean that either Optimus Primal took the Matrix into him, or that Optimus Prime's spark has Matrix energies in it. It's about the same either way.

Ravage's head is shown to be knocked off a cliff to ensure us that Ravage wouldn't be brought back in Beast Wars. That didn't stop 3H or IDW, though.

Optimus Primal quotes several of Optimus Prime's catch-phrases. Primal says "Freedom is the right of sentient beings" when he faces off against Megatron, as well as "transform and roll out" when first changing to his tank mode. The former is Optimus Prime's original motto and the latter is his infamous catch-call when the Autobots go to battle. Bob Forward confessed that he had no idea of the significance of "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" during production, saying that it's something he picked up from fansite


When we rotate around Optimus Prime as the repairs are being made, the Autobot insignia inside the interior mechanisms of his chest is upside down.

When Primal first transforms into jet mode, the cockpit doesn't have Prime's spark in it. in all other scenes it's there.

In 'The Agenda Part 2', Inferno is apparently vaporized/atomized by the energon explosion. This episode retcons Inferno into just being very terribly burned and injured. But after the initial attack on the Ark he inexplicably returns into perfect condition.

At one point when the Axalon falls off the cliff the engines are missing.

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