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Season Three, Episode 3: Changing of the Guard
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

Another aquatic-themed episode, although this one co-stars the more interesting Rattrap instead of just Depth Charge (which, if alone, would get boring pretty quickly). It's really too sudden and frankly unprofessional to have Depth Charge's unbridled vigilantism to end just after one episode, although I guess if it's pulled for too long we'll just have another Tigatron analog. The rivalry between Depth Charge and Rampage is, as always, well played but it's a little irritating that Rampage keeps running off between battles. The fact that the Predacons actually won from the Maximals for once is a nice twist. Changing the status quo like that is good storytelling... the Predacons actually obtaining Sentinel surprised me.

After not doing much for a couple of episodes, Rattrap gets back to form with his biting wit, and his camaraderie with Silverbolt is fantastic. That bit where Depth Charge's sudden change of heart at hearing explosions is realistic, as is the mistake when the uncoordinated Maximals clonk onto each other. The underwater scenes have improved from last issue, and the animators certainly are prepared to make more underwater scenes, what with the submarine being introduced and everything. Also, this episode follows up nicely on the loose ends left behind by the Axalon's destruction.


The 'Changing of the Guard' traditionally refers to an elaborate ceremony in England wherein the sentries providing ceremonial guard duties at important places are relieved by other sentries. This presumably refers to Depth
Charge joining the Maximals.

Inferno, Waspinator and Quickstrike spend their free time playing what seems to be poker with hexagonal playing cards.

Rattrap apparently whistles/sings the background music score for the underwater scene, since Silverbolt listens to the same music through the walkie-talkie with a raised eyebrow.

Again, as a running gag, Silverbolt is the only Maximal that could be defeated by Waspinator.

This episode marks the only time when Rampage uses his activation code of terrorize when he transforms.

When Silverbolt drops Rattrap's submarine, it bounces around like a pinball. When it finally comes to a stop, the dizzy Rattrap has 'TILT' flashing in his eyes.


The writer, Evan Somers, is mistakenly credited as Evan Sommers.

When Rampage stumbles backwards after pulling Depth Charge's tail out, his legs are miscoloured as Depth Charge's.

When Inferno pushes a tree towards Rattrap and Silverbolt, Rattrap's chest is inverted.

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