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Season Three, Episode 6: Feral Scream, Part 2
Reviewed by Blackjack [image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image][image]

Episode Review

Rather dull, because of its predictability. Cheetor's upgrade to Transmetal 2 is predictable, and is not worth two episodes to tell. Rather, it would be much better to have the change happen because of some other factor throughout the entirely of Season Three and focus this two-parter to introduce the new Dinobot. The scripting for this episode is rather sub-par, and the confrontation between Optimus Primal and Cheetor kind of feels rather emo. But then I'm not exactly Cheetor's biggest fan, so my opinion is a little biased. The whole 'werewolf'-ish brouhaha is banal, and all-too-predictable. Who was fooled that TM2 Cheetor really is Cheetor?

I love Waspinator and Dinobot's little camaraderie, especially after Waspinator getting very little screentime for the past few episodes. Rattrap's sarcasm and Depth Charge's hostility are back, as is Blackarachnia's self-centered plans. Silverbolt is golden as well, seemingly not willing to track down Cheetor out of jealousy in that reluctant little love triangle. However, these aren't enough to stop this being one of the duller episodes in Beast Wars, mostly because it tries to introdump another set of new toys and gimmicks. And unlike Transmetals and Fuzors, this isn't exactly the best sci-fi origin. Making this as an analog of teenagers, doesn't help the episode either. Although compared to stuff from Armada or Energon, this episode still isn't really bad per se, just below the high standard that Beast Wars sets.


Alright, so Cheetor is now a Transmetal two. Transmetal twos have glowing sparks that could apparently have all sorts of wacky abilities (traveling at Mach 2, regeneration and being generally a kickass in Cheetor's case) that stem out of the coloured spark. However, TM2 Cheetor doesn't really get to display much of his abilities for the screentime that he was on. Cheetor's spark is now stored his thigh.

A Beast Warrior regressing into his feral senses was last seen in 'Call of the Wild', although this is more a homage of werewolf stories.

In Cheetor's room there are lots of junk, as the customary for these quarters. Of interest is a portrait of Blackarachnia (the kiddie-crush hinted on earlier), the potted plant seen in some scenes from season one, a photo of pre-Transmetal Cheetor and Optimus Primal, a model of the Axalon, three spare tails (!), a model of a wacky solar system, a model of a Cybertronian city, a trophy, and a holographic clock similar to the one that Megatron uses in 'Coming of the Fuzors'.

Optimus Primal's line to Depth Charge about tearing his head open and reading what's inside is familiar to a similar line from Blitzwing in the G1 episode 'Triple Takeover'.

Cheetor's change from Transmetal to Transmetal 2 is also accompanied with a change of personality from childish kid to rebellious teenager.


Yes, plot advancement and everything, but it's pretty daft that the Maximals don't realize that the monster cat coming out of Cheetor's room is really Cheetor when the Predacons were able to do so within moments.

How could Waspinator 'smell' Cheetor when Silverbolt (who is part-dog) evidently couldn't earlier on? Evidence points to the jealousy factor, or some sort of wacky Transmetal 2 stuff again...

Waspinator goes from being paper-shredded into perfectly fine with an arm on a sling within minutes, although this is more of a gag than a real error.

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