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Dialogue Snippets


Decepticons Prepare to face Fortress Maxiums - Fortress Maximus
Me Grimlock no like you - Grimlock
Feel like home to me Grimlock, but don't know why - Grimlock
Me Grimlock am stealthy fighter - Grimlock
Aren't you getting a little carried away here? I'm still me, you're still you, Matrix Shmatrix - Hot Rod
It'll never work, big waste of time - Huffer
Okay folks it's Showtime- Jazz
My sound and light show'll mix 'em up - Jazz
Arbulis look, it's Unicron - Kranix
Everything's better on Cybertron. I still feel a power surge when I think about home. - Mirage
Talk excessive, time limited - Omega Supreme
Sarcasm not appreciated - Omega Supreme
Let's Roll - Optimus Prime
Just remember, there's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory - Optimus Prime
Never seen you guys around before, I'm Orion. Orion Pax - Orion Pax
Say Uncle or I'll shove your nose in your afterburner- Sideswipe
I've got better things to do at night than die - Springer
Aw shit, what are we gonna do now? - That infamous line muttered by Spike
Be careful with that thing, you'll get scorch marks on my solenium shin guards - Sunstreaker
I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy...Alright give me the bomb - Ultra Magnus
They don't call me Warpath cos I'm gentle *Maniacal Laugh* - Warpath
Offer expires while you wait, operators are standing by. - Wreck-Gar


Computron think too much - Abominus
Prepare for Extermination - Devastator
Autobot meet your doom - Dirge
Come out Autobot, we all must die some time. Not today Galvatron - Galvatron tries to coax Hot Rod
I'll rip open Ultra Magnus and every other Autobot until the Matrix has been destroyed - Galvatron
I Galvatron will crush you just as Megatron crushed Prime - Galvatron
I now possess that which you most fear....You'll do my bidding or taste my wrath - Galvatron
Puny Autobot, you lack even Prime's courage - Galvatron
Constructicons; Merge for the kill - Megatron
Ah, I would have waited an eternity for this. It's Over Prime - Megatron
Extinction to all traitors - Megatron
Predaking has the power. He needs nothing more - Predaking
Autobots! DDIEEEE!- Scorponok
Five up, Five Down, It's like shooting Cyber ducks in a barrel. - Sixshot
Have a good time playing crystal nurse screamer...byeee! - Skywarp
[Skywarp laughing] - Skywarp
You should see me do that when I've got my power chip. - Skywarp
Megatron, is that you? Here's a hint! - Starscream meets Galvatron's Particle cannon
Terrorcons fight everybody RAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!! - Hun-grrr
Destiny, you can not destroy my destiny... - Unicron
I am Zarak, I have a little deal to offer you- Zarak


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