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Blitzwing going after Hot Rod and Daniel, Kup makes the save - (2.14MB -- 0:56) blitz.mpg

Decepticons retreating after Optimus defeated Megatron
(6.99MB -- 1:01) Decepticon_Retreat.mpg (320x240)
(4.31MB -- 1:01) Decepticon_Retreat_low.mpg (240x180)

Dinobots trying to destroy Devastator - (1.63MB -- 0:42) dinovsdev.mpg
Hot Rod fires on the captured Autobot shuttle. - (1.82MB -- 0:47) fireshut.mpg

Hot Rod and Galvatron fight in the heart of Unicron
(13.0MB -- 1:55) Galvatron_&_Hot_Rod.mpg (320x240)
(8.05MB -- 1:55) Galvatron_&_Hot_Rod_low.mpg (240x180)

Megatron finishes off Ironhide on Shuttle - (128KB -- 0:06) heroic.mpg
Blaster tries to radio Optimus but transmission is cut off by the Decepticon Tapes - (2.97MB -- 1:19) jamtrans.mpg
Springer and RC move launcher into place to attack Decepticons - (1.82MB -- 0:47) launcher.mpg
Devastator Vs. Launcher, Devastator - 1; Launcher - 0 - (2.01MB -- 0:53) launcher2.mpg
Lithone gets eaten by Unicron - (3.60MB -- 1:35) lithone.mpg
Daniel and Hot Rod going to Lookout mountain (Excellent quality, submitted by SuperPoder) - (1.81MB -- 0:38) lookout.mpg
Megatron saying "It's over Prime." - (1.00MB -- 0:14) m_v_p_remix.mpg
Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting to the death - (16.3MB -- 3:22) op&megs.mpg
Optimus Prime's Death scene - (13.1MB -- 2:43) opdeath.mpg
Highlights of the Prime vs. Megatron fight - (184KB -- 0:02) over_mix.mpg
Percepter assessing Decepticon strength - (986KB -- 0:25) perc.mpg
Optimus Prime takes out some Decepticons - (294KB -- 0:14) prime.mpg
Optimus Prime taking out several decepticons (Excellent quality, submitted by SuperPoder) - (2.80MB -- 0:59) prime2.mpg
Hot Rod running Kup's roadblock - (1.01MB -- 0:26) punk.mpg
Hot Rod becoming Rodimus Prime - (846KB -- 0:25) rodimus.mpg
Optimus throwing out the garbage - (394KB -- 0:05) shotput.mpg
Decepticons capturing shuttle and revealing partial plan - (3.43MB -- 1:30) shuttle.mpg

Hotrod takes out the Squid and saves Kup
(14.3MB -- 2:06) squid.mpg (320x240)
(8.83MB -- 2:06) squid_low.mpg (240x180)

Starscream's Death - (598KB -- 0:29) stardeth.mpg
Remix made by ? (I can't remember which site), features footage from Series and Movie with varying themes playing in the background - (1.18MB -- 0:32) tf.mpg
TF:TM Trailer likely from Japan (has Japanese writing) - (3.42MB -- 1:30 Sec) tf_trlr1.mpg
TF:TM Trailer American version - (6.47MB -- 1:26 Sec) tf_trlr2.mpg

TF:TM Trailer Promotional version - This one is most likely a promotional reel that was probably made before the movie went into full production, and may have been shown to various movie studios to coax them into producing the film. It's over four minutes long, and about 3/4 of it consists of animation that DOES NOT appear in the final film. Some of this was re-animated, while other scenes were just dropped entirely. Some scenes include Unicron eating Lithone, Autobot City transforming, Kup telling about the Igyak, and Unicron transforming. Also, all the music is different, and quite powerful, actually. Finally, Victor Caroli supplies his powerful voice again, although most of his dialogue seems to be boasting about the movie, telling how great it will be and how much money it will rake in. NOTE: This trailer contains footage that differs from that that appearing in the movie (ie. colours, music).
(8.05MB -- 4:13 Sec) tf_trlr3.mpg
(30.7MB -- 4:12 Sec) tftmclip.mpg

Ultra Magnus preparing for battle against Decepticons - (4.70MB -- 0:41) Ultra_Magnus.mpg (320x240)
Ultra Magnus's Death on the planet of Junk - (4.72MB -- 0:41) Ultra_Magnus_Death.mpg (320x240)
Unicron Transforming - (11.0MB -- 1:37 Sec) Unicron_Transforming.mpg
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