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Transcendent, Part 1
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

”I have a lot to show you.”
Now, we release the eternal bore that was the Classics continuity. Instead we follow the Candy Cane Combiner Team into the ‘TransTech’ universe, something that’s a hub of all multiverses. Now this is more like what a Fun Publications comic should be, a combination of stuff from prior continuities like 3H’s Universe instead of random toy-hawking. Obviously, I would’ve preferred a different set of characters to take the trip (look how entertaining Cliffjumper became in the Shattered Glass comic!) as these three are boring. Breakaway, notably, is devoid of any personality AT ALL other than being hopelessly na´ve. Now the concept of the TransTech universe is excellent; a universe without war, but accustomed to herding extradimensional Transformers who happened to fall into their world. The cameos here are neat and are recognizable. Art is shaky at some places, with some of Alex Milne’s dull surprise expressions thrown in. Still, there is intrigue and the mysterious Alpha Trion, and the setting in general, with mysterious political background stuff, seems to be promising. Though promising does not guarantee a good story.


The TransTech universe is based on an abandoned toyline by Hasbro. The follow-up to Beast Machines was supposed to be a line called ‘TransTech’, which incorporates both G1 and Beast-era characters, and had some really wicked fluid designs. However, this was scrapped in favour of importing and dubbing Robots in Disguise while Hasbro worked on Armada. In the meantime, concept art from Draxhall Jump was released to the fandom, which could be seen here on TFArchive:

Cheetor and Silverbolt don’t know, but Cliffjumper found himself stranded in the Shattered Glass universe.

Skyfall and company find themselves in Axiom Nexus, a city on the TransTech Cybertron. According to Silverbolt and Cheetor, Skyfall’s team is from a ‘relatively new universe’. Every ‘offworlder’, or ‘outworlder’, in Axiom Nexus is outfitted with Identification Bolts. Alpha Trion introduces the Candy Cane Combiner Team to the outworlder society in Axiom Nexus, a section of the city reserved for those who wishes to stay.

The Transformers of this universe, aware of the existence of the multiverse and knowing that their Cybertron is the only one without war, call themselves TransTech, Transcendent Technomorphs.

According to supplementary information from the creators, war never broke out on the TransTech Cybertron, rather it is ruled by a complex politics system not unlike that of humans.

Breakaway seems to have the power to tell if someone is telling the truth. Then again, he might be talking rubbish. He seems to be high.

Who's Who

- Alpha Trion is based on the Classics repaint of Vector Prime (which Skyfall points out), albeit with his trademark facial features added in.
- Silverbolt, Cheetor and Shockwave are the residents of TransTech, and their bodies are based off the Draxhall Jump designs, albeit touched up a little. For example, Silverbolt’s engine-things now point forwards instead of hanging awkwardly on the side.
- On page four we see a whole lot of generics and real outworlder Transformers. The black guy with the red eyeband on the foreground on the left side of the page is Autoceptor. Bet none of you knew who this guy is. Autoceptor is a transforming watch released in 1984, a Takara Kronoform toy revived as part of Transformers. Myself, I thought he was Trailbreaker before consulting the TFWiki.
- Beside Autoceptor is G1 Cosmos, gawking at Path Finder who shares his body frame.
- Beside Cosmos are the Go-Bots Bad Boy, the aforementioned Path Finder, Treads, Road Ranger and just barely Small Foot. These guys are part of the repainted Minibot set released by eHobby. They will have their own story later on.
- Standing and blocking our view of Small Foot is Charger, and his rhinoceros pet Firebeast. The two were part of the European-exclusive Action Masters addition during the hiatus between G1 and G2.
-On the far right of the page, next to the weird-ass looking blue robot is Repugnus, from the Universe line.
- On the upper foyer the Transformers are mostly generics, but if you squint, Go-Bot villain (and constant cannon fodder in Transformers stories) Cy-Kill is present.


No mistakes in art or editing per se, but several times, characters in the background are missing details, like they were rough sketches that are coloured.
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