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Transcendent, Part 5
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

”You will keep me captive no longer!”
Still a rather slow-paced story, although the action scenes and clear art makes reading it quite fun. Though Skyfall acting all horrified when Alpha Trion kills Depth Charge (but not the Gobots, nooo...) is a little stupid. None of the characters are still memorable, and I bet the slew of generic TransTech cultists won’t get a shred of personality… though damn do they look awesome. Just a big action scene, enjoy it. Much better than listening to Skyfall and Landquake yap about things. And really… the ‘evil sword made me do it’? That’s stupid.


The two guards that were killed by Alpha Trion’s cultists are based off Tonka GoBots Cy-Kill and Scooter. Killing GoBots, Cy-Kill in particular, has been some sort of a tired joke among Transformers artists since Dreamwave. However, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back as the fan backlash caused Pete Sinclair to state that this will be the last GoBot death scene in Fun Publications’ output.

It’s safe to say that Scavenger, Immorticon, Blackarachnia and Nightscream contain the sparks of offworlders although their bodies are that of TransTech.

Who’s Who
-Cy-Kill and Scooter, as mentioned above, are TransTech versions of the Tonka Gobots characters. They go unnamed here.
-The massive minty-blue guy beside Scavenger (we’ve glimpsed Scavenger before) is Immorticon, the only all-new character in Draxhall Jump’s TransTech designs. Wicked-ass design, too.
-Blackarachnia is also based on Draxhall Jump’s TransTech designs. Profiles would indicate that this is the spark an alternate-universe Blackarachnia, from the same alternate reality that Nightscream came from.
-Depth Charge is an all-new TransTech character based on the Draxhall Jump design.


Skyfall’s shield alternates between being a solid sphere (like how it is supposed to be) and a series of interlocking hexagons.

At one point Immorticon has a laughably long neck.
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